New Quilt | Birds for Lucy!

Here is the piece de resistance of all the things I’ve been making for my cousin’s new baby!!! The front is a series of improvly pieced rectangles, quilted with a grid (using a walking foot) that avoids the center rectangles each time, and then I free motion machine sketched a bird or two in each square…except one! That one I left blank so I could quilt her name in it once she arrived!!!




The back is a fun combination of some of the itajime fabrics I dyed, along with extra fabric from the front. The whole thing is a bit off kilter as I didn’t pay too much attention of how the back was aligned with the front while basting:


It’s nice and big (I forgot to measure it!), which I love, because hopefully she uses it for years!


I really like the 3 blocks that have tiny rectangles of a different color interupting one of the outer logs:


After a wash, there’s more crinkly goodness!!! There’s much less overall quilting so there’s a lot less crinkly goodness, but it’s still nice and snuggly:



Although Lucy was actually due a week and a half from now, she made an early entrance a week and a half ago, so I was able to quilt her name in the lavender square. I chickened out a bit and used a yellow thread that doesn’t have a ton of contrast with this particular value of purple so if  my quilting was less than graceful it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Thankfully, her name, Lucy Maya Cantiello, was pretty easy to quilt. (Note, I skipped quilting the date, I’m never very good at numbers!)






I’m really VERY happy with this quilt!!!