Studio Snapshots | Purple, Grey and Gold Baby Quilt Step 5

After all my careful planning of the block layout for this quilt, I went and sewed the columns together BACKWARDS! Argh! Luckily I noticed before I added the last column, LOL.


I then pieced together the back and extended the extension of my cutting table so I could easily baste the quilt using fusible batting (LOVE that stuff). I just slide my 2′ x 4′ ironing board top around underneath the quilt.



I then did the same thing with the smaller quilt and I was ready to quilt! (Please note, although the second quilt is smaller, these are both quite big for baby quilts – the larger one is 45″ x 60″.


Before I started the large one, I tried out my initial idea for quilting on the smaller block/pillow top I’d made for this purpose:


I quilted an irregular grid across the whole thing, not paying attention to the central rectangle that I then free motion machine sketched a bird in the rectangle. Those lines that go across the bird’s rectangle bothered me, so I decided to avoid all the central squares/rectangles.


I like that the grid adds interest mostly to the background, leaving those centers free for the birds…which I will stitch tomorrow!



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