Studio Snapshots | 19 Cotton Sateen Clutches

I dyed some more solid cotton sateen to use for the interior of my clutches last week, here’s a peek at the multicolor sateen I’ve dyed:


Yesterday, I cut out all the pieces for as many clutches as I could eek out of the multi-color cotton sateen that I had left:

sateen clutch process

There’s 19 piles of sateen, ready to be turned into clutches by a week from tomorrow! Eek! When I sew multiples of something, I do things assembly line fashio; the more I do at one time the quicker I can make each individual item. But that means none are done until all are done! It’s a scary prospect. Here’s a group of clutches that I’ve made in the past:


Why am I tring to make 19 when I could scale back to 6 or 12? Well, these clutches have been SO popular that for a 2 day show it’s possible 6 or 8 wouldn’t be enough to fill a space both days. Here’s my booth at Art for Heaven’s Sake last Fall at the start of the 3-day show:

AFHS 2014 06

And by the start of the third day, all I had left was this:


And only one of the clutches sold that day. It’s been my experience that you’ve got to have enough of one particular item to draw peoples’s eyes and give them some choice. So lets see how far I get today!!! Wish me luck!


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