Mid Century Modern House Pillows | Magazine + Fabric Giveaway

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My latest publication is on the news stands right now!

I’ve got an extra copy of the latest issue of Modern Patchwork because my Mid Century Modern House Pillows were published there:


There are patterns for both houses as well as instructions on how to piece them improvisationally, I really love these pillows!


I thought I would give away that extra copy of the magazine PLUS! Enough hand dyed fabric to make the pair of pillows as well! (the zippers, batting and pillow form are not included). You could choose the palette I used to make the pillows in the magazine (“Kitchen Blues” plus a grey):


OR, one of these other color palettes:





How can you enter?

Just leave a comment below as to which color palette you’d like, and which 2 colors you would choose for the main/background colors. (Comment moderation is on, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, I’ve got to approve it first!) I will ship internationally.

When does it end?

Sew Mama Sew has put together a huge list of blogs hosting giveaways this week, if you’ve got some time, head on over and enter some more! They all end this Sunday, May 10, at 5 pm Pacific, so you’ve got a few days to tour around and enter a bunch!

I’ll choose a winner Sunday night and announce them here on the blog on Monday as well as emailing them. Good Luck!!!

Winner chosen and announced here, thanks all!


183 Responses

  1. I would choose the jewel tones colour pack and would use the purple and dark blue as backgrounds. These cushions are beautiful and the colours of all the packs are lovely I would like them all.

  2. Id go for the jewel tones and I like your house with the grey background so I might just copy that!

  3. Thank you for a great giveaway. I would choose Sedona and use the 2 colours on the left of the bundle as our colour scheme is duck egg blue with cream and chocolate. x

  4. I love the kitchen blues… I would probably use an essex yarn dyed linen in black for the background and then one main in the green and one main in the light blue

  5. I love Jewel palette and I think I’d make it on black or grey backgroung.

  6. I would pick the jewel tones. Purple and dark blue would go so well in my bedroom

  7. Blues and greens, always. I like the dark background, and I’d make the house light blue. Green for trim. thanks!

  8. I like the range and depth of colour in the jewel toned set best. After considerable thought (!), I think they would work well on a cherry red background, with white eaves. I love the design, thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Jewel tones all the way!!! I’d pick purple and dark blue for the background colors.

  10. I like your original color way! I’d probably pick gray and blue for the backgrounds, too. That would match my living room. 🙂

  11. All the color palettes are lovely, but I really like the Sedona. I think I’d use either the blue or the cream as the background color.

  12. You’re making this so hard! LOL!
    I love Sedona, and I’d pick the green and brown

  13. I just love your pillows. The Kitchen Blue using either black or brown for the background. Thank you for being a part of the SMS Giveaway Day and giving us this chance to win a copy of the magazine and the pillow fabric. Those pillows will make a nice decorative touch to a couch or even a bedroom.

    Sandi Timmons

  14. I like Brights Rainbow, and I’d use light & medium gray as background colors. Thanks for the chance to win! mto2golsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I really like the jewel tones and would probably use blue background for one and, as you did, add gray for the other. Your fabrics are lovely.

  16. Jewel tones! I would use the lime and dark blue for backgrounds. Love the images on the pillows because I am in a mid century home.

  17. Kitchen Blues, and would do the teal and lime green. I like the colors you did and not sure what the names of them are so go with that. =)

  18. Kitchen blues in your original colorway-can’t improve on your choices-just lovely pillows!

  19. I would choose Sedona (that matches my living room awesomely), with the orange or brown as the background)!

  20. I love the Kitchen Blues and probably use the dark blue and medium blue as the background.

  21. I would choose the jewel tones. I would use the yellow and the blue for the background colors.

  22. I woudl pick autumn splendor and the blues as background … maybe even split the background and use the green as “gras” …

  23. I follow through BlogLovin. I adore the Sedona colors. The rich brown and copper would be gorgeous together for a background. I also love the green and the blue as an accent. Thanks for a great giveaway. Fingers Crossed.
    A Day In My Life, Crochet & Reviews

  24. Autumn Splendor is my favourite, especially red and yellow – first two on the left. Beautiful!

  25. Love the jewel tones. I would choose blue and the green as backgrounds. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Congrats on being published again!
    I love the Sedona palette and a grey background.

  27. I love your original color pallette. The chartreuse color is so amazing. For backgrounds, I’d either pick a tan/brown or a red, because thosse pillows would be on my couch, and my decorating scheme is primary colors and brown neutrals.

  28. I would choose to make it the same as you did with the kitchen blues and the gray background. Thanks for the chance to win–looks like a great pattern!

  29. The jewel tones are gorgeous! I’d use blue for the background, and have a little yellow house with a red roof 🙂

  30. Thanks for the giveaway – your cushions are great! I’d choose the brights rainbow and I’d use the bright pink and turquoise for the main colours – my favourite combination 🙂 x

  31. I love the kitchen blues group. The grey pillow with the dark blue house is a combination I especially like.

  32. I love these pillows! They are so adorable! If I won I would definitely have to go with the rainbow palette the first one without the purple. As for the background, I myself would probably go for Essex Yarn Died Linen in black, just because I love the way these colors would pop off the darkness and the texture would be amazing!!!!!

  33. I would definitely pick the rainbow. I love happy bright colors! I would use a white background or maybe a gray.

  34. I’d pick the jewel tones bundle and black and white for the backgrounds.

  35. I want . . . no, please make it . . . oh, gosh, I’m having a hard time choosing — all of your fabrics are so luscious. I’d probably choose the colors you’ve used, substituting a light tan or cream for the grey. Possibly. I can’t tell what looks good without seeing them in the “real.” I’d probably let you choose. I kind of like the Autumn, but I like the pop of the yellow or lime (see, can’t tell what color it really is) in your originals. Now, I’m gonna settle on SURPRISE ME with something you like that you might have chosen as an alternate colorway.

  36. I really love the Autumn Splendor palate and would probably use the two blues/ aquas as the background/main color. Thanks for a great giveaway! Love the patterns!

  37. Sedona and I would use the tan as background. It’s funny, I was always a blue/purple/rose kind of girl but in my older age have really turned to the 1970’s appliance color palette! lol Must be hormones or lack thereof! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  38. My favorite are the jewel tones. I would pick blue and purple as background and main color. Thanks for the chance!!

  39. I like the “Kitchen Blues” plus a grey background. It was difficult to choose a favorite; all are lovely!

  40. I like the blues you used… I’d use the lightest blue as the background & darkest blue for the house.

  41. either of the brights or kitchen blues set of fabrics – both are great! as for backing, it’d probably be fun to use a green or yellow!

  42. I really think your colour choices are perfect – I’d have to do the kitchen blue!

  43. I like the Brights Rainbow. The background should be blue, and the house yellow. Beautiful spring colors!

  44. What fun pillows! Loving either the autumn splendor or sedona,with aqua background. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  45. I love the Sedona palette. I would use the cream and the brown as the backgrounds.

  46. Sedona with the dark for the house and the beige as background. And the terracotta for the roof!

  47. Definetly the Kitchen Blues with the grey as a background. Have a great day!

  48. Oooh love your pillows! I don’t have that issue yet, definitely need to get my hands on it! I love the kitchen blues colorway!

  49. I would stick with the Kitchen Blues (blue is my favorite color!). I might use white and black for the backgrounds to make the brilliant blues pop! Thanks for sharing with us!

  50. Your pillows are fantastic -I have a passion for houses – I choose Autumn Splendour the red and the gold colours would be beautiful in my room.
    Perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  51. The Brights Rainbow palette is my choice along with gray and navy blue for the backgrounds — yummy pretty!

  52. I vote for brights rainbow. It was so hard to choose. I’d pair them with 2 colours of grey , one light and one medium. Would have to see the real fabrics to select the shades!

  53. Hi – I love Autumn Slender and I think I’d choose the purple & the light blue. Thank you

  54. I love the jewel tones and I would use an olive green as the background or maybe a deep, deep plum.

  55. Your original palette is exactly what I’d pick — it looks like they were made to look particularly great in my living room!

  56. I would choose Sedona. Love all the hand dyed colors though. The pillows are great. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  57. I like the kitchen blues – the green and the dark blue are good together.

  58. I think the Sedona would be beautiful. I would use the brown and tan In the background.

  59. I love the jewel tones and would use the blue and turquoise for the background. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. I love all the colors, but I’d go with Jewel Tones. Would use red as main color and green as background.

  61. I would chose the Kitchen blues, and exactly the same background colours as you used. Thank you for the chance to win x

  62. Ooh, I love Kitchen Blues! It would look perfect in my baby boy’s nursery :). I’d do dark gray for one background and a blue for the other.

  63. I love, love, love blue so I love your choices. I might choose Sedona since I have aqua in my living room not blue blue. What a great giveaway. Many thanks for an opportunity to win.

  64. Love the hand dyed fabrics,
    should i win, i would choose the “jewel tones” and grey would be my background of choice.

    thanks sharing for your creations.

  65. Ooh I really love Sedona, and would love to use the lime green, and tan for background colors.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  66. Kitchen blues all the way. I’d be tempted to use the acidy green for the house and the blues for window and background

  67. I like the Jewel Tones. I’d use the yellow & green as the backgrounds.

  68. I would choose the Autumn Splendor to go on our brown couch. I’d choose the red and the brown for backgrounds. This would be a wonderful treat!

  69. I would choose the Sedona collection using the brown and cream for the main/background colours. Thanks for participating in the SMS giveaway day. Your giveaway is awesome.

  70. Love the Bright Rainbow group! Yellow as the house color & bright blue as the background…Congrats on being published & thank you for your generous drawing!

  71. I really like the kitchen blues and would use a robin blue as background. Thanks.

  72. I love the Kitchen Blues fabric selection. I’d use the 2 darker blues as the background fabric and build from there.

  73. I’d choose Autumn Splendor, and the red and lighter blue as backgrounds.

  74. I love the brights rainbow with the purple and the blue as the background. Congratulations on your publication and thanks for the opportunity to win.

  75. I like the Brights Rainbow and I’d use the darker blue as the background and the red for the house. 🙂

  76. All the colorways are gorgeous, but I think the Kitchen blues would go best with my decor! Whoops forgot to add which colors I’d use for the backgrounds. I like the Kitchen Blues just the way you did them adding a grey & using the dark blue for the other.

  77. Lovely giveaway so generous of you.Congratulations,you must feel so proud.Autumn splendor is my fav. Blue and orange would be my choises.Have a lovely weekend.

  78. Kitchen blues in your original colourway please – I love your combinations as they are in my favourite colours.

  79. I would take brights with a Robins egg blue and white for background. I really like the Jewel colors too.

  80. Fabulous pillows and fabrics! thank you for the giveaway. I like Sedona – blue and cream for the background colors! thanks again!

  81. Sedona……….oh so perfectly reminiscent of AZ.
    Pairing it w/Kona turquoise and sand would make my jaw drop.
    THank you so much for sharing .

  82. Hand dyes are so interesting and varied, I particularly like the Autumn Splendor and would use the goldie one as the background.

  83. I like Brights Rainbow best, I’d use them for the houses and a medium gray solid as background fabric. Thanks for the chance!

  84. I love the Jewel Tones colors, and I would choose the purple for the background and the green and yellow for the house. Thanks for your beautiful blog, for sharing this project, and for your great giveaway!

  85. My favourite are the Kitchen Blues as well. Super pretty. I think i would choose the light print on the left and the light blue as the background fabrics 🙂
    Many thanks for the chance to win!

  86. I love Sedona and would use green and beige colors.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  87. oooh! it’s a tie between kitchen blues and autumn splendor, but I’ll go with kitchen blues. I’d probably use the dark blue for background and medium blue for house and lightest/brightest for the details.

  88. I love the jewel tones color selection. I would choose to use purple and teal as the main/background colors

  89. I am under the influence of my landscape in Santa Fe … so I’d choose Sedona and I’d make mid-century adobe houses, using the turquoise for the background and the adobe-like tan for the main color.

  90. I’d go for the Kitchen Blues palate. I think I would go for a dark and a medium background.

  91. I really like Sedona and Autumn Splendor. I would use the brown or the blue for the background. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  92. I like the bright rainbow pack the best and would probably do the backgrounds in blue. Or if I could pick a different fabric, maybe use gray.

  93. I’d love the Autumn splendor with the golden yellow and darker blue for the background colors.

  94. I would like to win the Sedona fabric I will let you choose what to send if I win. Your pillows are cute. Thank you for a chance to win.

  95. I think I’d go for Autumn Splendour, but I love them all. I’d use white and grey for background. thanks for the chance!

  96. Your colours are so beautiful. I would choose the jewel tones with a dark blue or an aqua background. Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. I would choose Autumn Splendor, and I would pick a dark raspberry and dusty green for the background colors.

  98. I love the Jewel Tones. I would choose the darker blue and the green for the background. powersjlc (at) gmail (dot) com . Thank you for the chance.

  99. Those are beautiful. I love Autumn but would probably choose Sedona to match my house colors better! Maybe orange house blue background (sky)?

  100. I love the Sedona colours and I would use the brown or cream as the background 🙂

  101. Sedona matches my house colors best, and I would use a linen or low volume for the background.

  102. I love the brights rainbow! And I would put them on either a navy or charcoal gray background.

  103. Beautiful fabrics! I love the kitchen blues w/gray or the sedona but not sure about the best background color for those. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. So gorgeous! Can I just have them all please!! Autumn splendor would be my favourite. I’d probably use the green colour as the backround and yellow as the main colour. Your pillows are to die for!

  105. Jewel tones please, with the purple and dark blue as the main colours

  106. So pretty! I love the brights rainbow and I would choose the pink and orange for the house and some kind of neutral for the background. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. Jewel tones for sure! A blue background and a purple house would be my choice.

  108. I like Autumn Splendor and would try Red and Grey. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com