A Week of Leaks

Last week was not only the last week of classes at the UoR, but we had 4 different sets of leaks to deal with! It all started Easter morning. Yes, my boys are 17 and 13, and they still want to do Easter things! So Easter morning started with a spiderweb hunt for the basket:






In the kitchen, we discover a leak! Here’s the hole Andrew created by pulling down the sodden drywall. Ack!


Thank goodness hubby figured out it was the water line running to the boys bathroom toilet. Between this hole in the ceiling and a small hole in the drywall behind the toilet upstairs, he was able to replace the pipe with a pinhole leak in it!

While hubby was off getting plumbing supplies, the boys ran all over outside for eggs:






Sigh, my awesome dyeing sink hasn’t gotten a lot of use yet…but that is soon to change!

The leaks continued! Although the water supply line was fixed, we still had a drip from one of the ceiling lights. It took all week, but I think hubby located the cause as a crack in the shower grout, it looks like for now the caulking he did has fixed it.

This wasn’t all, though, mid-week the water heater went out! We replaced it 10 years ago, and I guess in a place with hard water like Redlands, that’s all we can expect. Thank GOODNESS we were able to get a plumber out and replace it (ka-CHING!), but aiyiyi, between the last week of classes and lots of stressful meetings I had to go to, I really could have done with a hot shower every day of the week! Oh well, it’s over now!!!


I feel like there’s a leak I’ve forgotten…oh there was! The garbage disposal has been leaking, so hubby replaced that yesterday! Now all that’s left to do is fix the hole in the ceiling of my lovely kitchen…..

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