Another Use for My Awesome Dyeing Sink

Dog washing has never been so easy! My custom dyeing sink of awesomeness puts Stirling at the right level, no more bending over the tub! Of course, he still doesn’t like the process:


When he shakes off, the water flies everywhere, but at least it’s not inside so I have to wipe it all up again!


Pooooor Stirling.


He sure does like it when he’s clean and fluffy though! And he gets lots of treats on bath day!


One Response

  1. Oooh! If looks could kill you’d be stone cold dead!!! Now if that was our Goldie, she’d be asking for more! Yours is definitely not a water dog! I bath our girl, who’s actually our “grand-dog” in our large walk-in shower, and my husband gets called in to take her away draped in towels. She then plays excited games of “kill the towel” and romps around for joy.