Studio Snapshots | Lots of Glorious Texture

I am finally back at work in the sewing studio! I spent the weekend working on an art quilt featuring my retro ornaments in jewel tones against a pure white background. To give the background visual interest I did some unevenly spaced matchstick quilting in white:

White on White Matchstick Quilting

Here’s the finished background, it’s 32″ x 42″, give or take, here:

Second side of #WhiteOnWhiteMatchstickQuiltingFTW done! This is 32" x 42". #fbp

A closer look at all that yummy, uneven goodness:

Loving the texture of #WhiteOnWhiteMatchstickQuiltingFTW ! #fbp

The, I laid out the ornament placement and figured out what the main color for each would be:

Progress! #fbp

Here I’m working on the layout of the ornaments:

more progress! #fbp

Some more tweaking led to this, and then I had to stop or I would STILL be tweaking:

Uh oh! Tweaking! Will it ever end? #fbp

Here they are all stitched down:

Progress continues! #fbp

And the best part, free motion machine sketching the ornaments!

The FUN part: #freemotionmachinesketching ! #fbp

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