It’s Here!!!!

Today was the day we could go get my sink! Yahoo!!!! The fabricator (JNL Stainless) is located about 30 miles away, so we rented a 10′ U-haul trailer and headed off to Upland! Luckily the guys had it ready to load on a forklift:





This thing is REALLY heavy, thank goodness hubby thought to bring out a dolly; the four of us could just pull it out and put the heavy end on the dolly, then Andrew and Liam lifted and steered from the lighter end.


Behind the doors is 2 really deep shelves, the center one is adjustable (and weirdly reflecting a bit of the lawn):


One nice surprise is the integrated drainboard, it’s a slight crease/incline so the bench is totally usuable as a worksurface, but this will make cleaning up so easy!


When we got home, it was too late for hubby to start on the installation, so I spent several minutes just staring at it, and wondering what was the best way to clean off all the smudges!!!!

What’s your favorite way to clean stainless steel???

Oh, and I remembered to draw a winner for my zip bag giveaway!


Lucky Gloria has been emailed! I’ve also sent the commentor info to Jamie for entry into her grand prize drawing!!

Winner gloria

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  1. Isn’t it great having a handy husband; mine gave up some real estate in his shop and built me a dye center. Your new sink looks wonderful, I’m sure you are dying to try it out.