The Meetup | February Goals

The 31 days of January have been chock full! Let’s see what got done and what got added to my list this month:

January Goals

Mod House Pillow Articles January 9 100%
FQs for Margaret January 10 100%
Teach FMQ Class January 19 100%
1 custom sateen clutch January 10 100%
Mabel question Jan 12 100%
Project for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch blog hop Feb 20 25%
Taxes Feb 15 20%
New Sink???? ??? 20%
calendar email to students January 31 100%
Mod House Quilt January 31 5%

I had a great time teaching my FMQ class! (No pictures, they died on my glitchy phone.) I’ve got one more of these scheduled for Tuesday evenings in March, I’m going to have to see if we can schedule more! Also, I’ve been asked to be a guest contributor to Mabel Mag, since it only involves answering a question every once in a while, I thought it would be a neat way to be part of a new endeavor.

I also agreed to make something for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch blog hop; what’s cool is I had an idea almost immediately! I also started our taxes; although they’re not due until April 15, the FAFSA for student finanacial aid is due at some of Liam’s schools he’s applied to February 15, if I can get everything done in time, I won’t have to make an estimated FAFSA and then update it later. Of course, I’ve got to wait on 1099’s to arrive, but I did get the schedule C done, which is the toughest part, hooray!

Most exciting is an email I got from my sink fabricator on Friday, the top is done!


Fingers crossed they get the cabinet done this coming week, we’ve got a couple of free weekends, so if it’s done, hubby may be able to install it!!! Fingers crossed!

February Goals

Project for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch blog hop Feb 20 25%
Taxes Feb 15 20%
New Sink???? ??? 50%
 Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video  Feb 28  0%
 Begin the next mystery project  Feb 28  0%
calendar email to students Feb 28  0%
Mod House Quilt Feb 28  5%

Ok, I think I’ve got my work cut out for me!

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