A Set of Jester Stockings and Holiday Row Houses

At the Red Dirt Art Festival in November, a family strolling through the part really liked my Jester Stockings and ordered a set for their holiday decorating. Their young daughter Collette very strongly wanted one in “GREEN” aka chartreuse, and then each parent chose one of my other jewel tones. “Could I stitch their names on the collars?” they asked. Of course! That was may plan all along! Then the Dad asked me what font I would use…I laughed! “MY font”, I replied! Their eyes had gone right to the stockings hanging in the booth, they hadn’t seen what else I do and didn’t realize that all the stitching I do is hand guided by me! Anyway, while I was writing up the order, the Dad noticed my row houses and asked for some of those as well.

I got them done just in time for the studio tour, and he came over to pick them up and was quite please with them. I only had a few moments that morning to take a few pix…editting them now I wish I’d had time to pin all 3 stockings in a more balanced configuration under the mantle – the 4 hooks I use for ours are permanently installed and I just used 2 of those and a quick thumbtack for the 3rd.







I’m so happy with these…and I’m so happy that I’ve got customers that share that vision!

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