Show Report | Holiday Studio Tour

Now that I’ve got my final exams graded, I’ve got some blogging catch up to do! The 6th and 7th was the fourth time I took part in an Artist’s Studio Tour. The week before was quite busy, so I barely got the place set up in time to sneak a few pictures.

Here’s the living room you can see as you walk in the front door:


Through the arch to the dining/music room, I had lots of stuff setup on hubby’s desk and the dining room:



The kitchen had snacks and mulled cider, and my fun white Christmas tree:


I also set up a litttle sale section, with some end of series items:


Saturday started out really slow, but once folks started coming, there was a nice steady stream of one or two groups in the house all afternoon! Now Sunday, Sunday was slooooooow! I expected this, there was so many other activities in town that weekend. If only I had realized this early on in the 2.5 hour lull when nobody came by, I could have actually done something besides look at instagram and wait for somebody to drop by!

Not the end of the world though…I had lots of great interactions with folks, many of them I’d never met before, and a decent amount of sales, so all in all, a successful weekend! And bonus: now the house is decorated for Christmas!

Stirling was pretty pooped by the end of the weekend!!