Meetup | December Goals

You can add me to the list of people who are freaked out about how little time there is between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! 😉

OK, let’s see where I am on my goals:

November Goals

More sateen clutches for Fall Shows November 15 100%
Work on Book February 20! 30%
Red Dirt Art Festival November 15 100%
Teach FMQ at Redlands Sewing Center November 18 100%
calendar email to students November 30 100%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I’ve been pretty realistic with what I’ve got to do that DOESN’T have to do with the book…I am worried that I’m a bit behind on the book front, though. But I am hoping (and have been planning) that I am going to get a huge amount of it done over the holiday break – thus the moratorium on no handmade gifts from me this year! (Instead, I am trying to buy as much as I can from other artists and craftspeople, I blogged about some of my favorites here.)

December Goals

2 custom sateen clutches December 15 0%
Work on Book February 20! 35%
Set of Stockings and Row Houses December 5 60%
Decorate house for Tour December 6 0%
Holiday Studio Tour December 6 0%
Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day December 8 0%
New Sink???? December 31 0%
calendar email to students December 31 0%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

The set of stockings and Row Houses that was ordered during Red Dirt last month is taking longer than expected, argh! Hopefully I can get them done AND get the house decorated for my Studio Tour! Decorating got off to a slow start…all we’ve done is purchased the tree. Although it was a rainy, drizzly day yesterday (hooray! we so need any moisture…), we made it up to the Christmas Tree Farm in Yucaipa. The boys wanted a BIG one!

Because we’ve got those high ceilings in the front room, I actually would be ok with a really tall tree – except the width! If it’s too wide at the bottom it’s hard to walk around the tree and into the next room, so we’re always looking for tall, skinny trees. This year, it was this 8.5 foot beauty:

xmas tree

Of course, we do NOT approve of flocked trees!

Wish me luck! I’ve got a LOT to do this week!