Giveaway | Birthday Celebration!

It’s my birthday! WooHoo! I’ve been having a great year, so many exciting things going on, that I thought a fun thing to do to celebrate would be to have a giveaway, and share some color with both a newsletter subscriber and a blog reader!

What’s the prize?

Well, the winners will choose either one of my hand dyed habotai scarves, in the color palette of your choice:


or a half yard of hand-dyed fabric, in one those scarf palettes (or my favorite color palette, Autumn Splendor, which is only available on cotton).


How do you enter?

Next Friday, November 21st, I’ll use good old to choose two names:

  1. One from my newsletter subscribers (use the form in the sidebar if you’ve not already subscribed)
  2. Another from people who comment on this blog post: let me know if you won, would you rather have the scarf or the fabric? (If you can pick a favorite color palette, share that too!)

I’ll have to moderate comments, so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t show up right away. Thanks for following along on my colorful journey!

105 Responses

  1. love all your dyeing efforts, and designs, miss candy! happy birthday, and thank you for sharing your creative gifts, and many more to come! “I’m dyeing for a scarf” and yes, i am one of your newsletter subscribers!

  2. Happy birthday. I saw Liam’s article yesterday in the paper. You all are making wonderful and exciting things happen!

  3. Happy Birthday Candy! —Just one more year to the big ’50’ … ( : >) ((Just 49 years ago the power went out at Goddard Hospital but you still “arrived”…)) Fond memories…

  4. Boy! do you have a lot of energy. I always enjoy seeing what you have done. I would love to win.

  5. Happy Birthday and many, many more Candy!!! How sweet of you to celebrate your day by giving one of us a gift 🙂 If I am the lucky one I’d love a scarf in your Earth, Wind and Fire color combo. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Happy Birthday from another Candy. I love your fabrics and would like a scarf to wear with Mother-of-the-Groom outfit.

  7. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day.
    I would love to win one of your beautiful scarves (Black Orchid because Black is my happy color)

    1. Happy birthday Candy. Love all your energy and love of color. Would love to have a scarf in any of those fabulous colors.

  8. I always love your classes and fabric but love to see the continuing achievements of your sons also. Hope you continue to post them. Happy birthday, Candy.

  9. I’d love a scarf in the purple/lavender colors, if I won of course. I’m a newsletter subscriber.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I love your beautiful fabric and fun projects. I can’t wait to see what is in the box you sent to the publisher!

  11. Happy birthday.I like your work…if I will win then I will decide upon the scarf color…thank you..marta

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY!!!!!! Methinks if I won, I would go for the fabric, and make myself some placemats or an apron!

  13. Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio! Always look forward to seeing what wonderfully creative new “wonderful thing” you’ve come up with! Inspiring! I would be happy to win either one of these beautiful scarves — or the fabric – so many possibilities!

  14. Happy Birthday, Candy! I hope your day is as beautiful and as fabulous as your hand dyed fabrics. I love color blends, especially your earth, wind and fire. Alice

  15. Liking your generous birthday party, Candy! I am always fascinated with your work, especially the bags. Before I viewed your website last year I never wore scarves. Now I own 3 that I wear all the time but none of them are yours. Curious and sad! I would love to have the fabric, especially because it’s cotton, and I would make some headbands.

  16. Happy Birthday, Candy. My first comment on a blog… all to win one of your beautiful scarves. I would love the Earth, Wind and Fire one, if I am so lucky.

  17. Your scarves are gorgeous so I would really love the chance to win one. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

    I hope you are having a fun birthday and enjoying the day.

  18. Happy Happy Birthday!! How generous to share it with us. If I’m the lucky one, I’d love to have your Autumn Splendor.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  19. Happy Birthday! Wonderful to see Liam’s progress as well 🙂
    And of course, I would love to win one of your pieces. Hope your birthday is awesome!

  20. I am not one to wear apparel scarves, so I would love your gorgeous fabric… I know that I would make something lovely with it!! Thanks for the chance!

  21. Happy Happy Birthday Candy!! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! Oh so many beauriful choices… hard to decide… maybe – maybe the fabric and make it the centerpiece of a special quilt (of course might just have to come get more to highlight that special piece – that’d be fun too!!) And with all of your projects, you’re always so productively and wonderfully busy. Congrats to Liam – great article in the paper. It’ll be exciting to see “what’s in the box” that you mailed off, of course – great and fun things I’m sure. And most of all enjoy your special day!!

  22. Happy birthday! Love those zippered pouches and that grey and red scarf. So pretty! Hoping to stop by at Red Dirt this weekend 🙂

  23. I love your fabrics – all the colors are gorgeous! I love your bags too! Keep up the good work and what else do you make with the silk.

  24. Happy Birthday, Candy! I still would love to take a scarf dying class with you. I have to get more friends together.

  25. A VERY Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I appreciate all the wonderful sewing & color information that you share with all of us!!! And I want to congratulate you on another successful year!!! Many Blessings to You & Your Family!! Suzie

  26. I’m a newsletter subscriber, but I didn’t see a different way for us “newsies” to enter for the giveaway, so here I am!

    Happy Birthday Candy! I hope you’re having a FABULOUS day!

    I’d love to have some of your luscious fabric – thanks for the chance!

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the fabric in picture 2, Autumn Splendor. Looks like a sunrise or sunset, beautiful.

  28. Happy birthday! And thanks for sharing your celebration with such a great giveaway! Love your scarves and would be ever so excited to wear an actual “Sunset”!

  29. I don’t think of myself as a “scarf person” but your blue and lavender scarf could change my mind. Happy Birthday!

  30. Happy Birthday! I love these fabrics. That settles it. I must take your texture class next.

  31. Happy Birthday Candy! I love your hand dyed fabric and scarves, oh and your clutch bags and your houses. I am eagerly awaiting your book.

  32. Happy Birthday , thanks for the chance to win one of your gorgeous scarves , I love the one on the left . I receive your newsletter .

  33. Happy birthday, Candy! Love how you put colors together. My choice would be an Ocean Surf scarf — so beautiful. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  34. Happy Birthday Candy! Have a fun day and a wonderful year. I just love your hand-dyed fabrics. But most of all, I love the beautiful stitching you do on the wristlets and small quilts: the iris and queen anne’s lace. Love your creativity!

  35. How generous of you to celebrate your big day with a giveaway! Thank you and, of course, happy birthday! If my name is drawn, I’d choose fabric in a color of summer with purple shades in it. Now enjoy your day!

  36. Happy Birthday Candy! My parents almost named me Candy, but decided on a more boring Cindy instead. Oh well, suits me maybe, lol. I am loving your hand dyed fabric! I don’t wear scarves like this much, I don’t work, and living in North Dakota need to use a knit scarf for warmth outside! cdahlgren at live dot com

  37. Forgot to say, you should be bursting your seams with how proud you are of Liam. You’re a lucky Mom to have such a musically talented son. cdahlgren at live dot com

  38. Happy birthday! I really enjoyed the blog post about your new shop fixtures. I’m hoping to get a tent soon & am looking for ideas to better display my hand dyed items. I think I would pick the fabric, in maybe something with pink in it, but it would be hard to choose!

  39. Happy Birthday Candy! And how generous of you to be giving rather than receiving! I love your gorgeous fabric and scarves. I would pick the blue/purple scarf! Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Happy Birthday. As a mom, I’ve often been more proud of the things I grew than I am of the things I do. Handsome young man and you have every right to be proud.

  41. Hi Candy,

    Happy belated birthday to you. I follow your blog, it’s a ritual every third day or so to have a look what’s new in your life and check out all your colourful goodies. I love it. Done your online courses which I so enjoyed. If my name gets chosen I would love to get some fabric. Yummy!!


  42. Happy birthday Candy. Love your energy and color palates. Would love one of the scaves in a blue palate.

  43. Your scarves are just gorgeous! I really like Tiger Lily and Earth and Sky-a hard decision to just pick one favorite-they are all so lovely.

  44. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful birthday and an absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year ahead!

    Tashi, Aidan, and I are looking forward to share some more colourful moments with you soon. XXX – M

  45. I would choose the fabric, because I am trying to build a stash. Happy Birthday, and thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I would love to take your class on dyeing class. Let me know when one is opening. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would choose the fabric!!!!!

  47. I would be happy either way, such a difficult choice! But… Aurora is truly beautiful.
    Many happy returns!

  48. Hi Candy,
    Have a HAPPY birthday! I love your colors and would love to win one of your scarves. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. I have never seen a color palette of yours that I didn’t love … and I would live to win any of scarves. My birthday was last Saturday–happy birthday sister Scorpio!

  50. Got to celebrate every birthday! I love the hand dye fabric. Some of my rug hooking friends hand dye wool. I’d love to give fabric a try. The colors are stunning!

  51. I am new here, just found you a couple of months ago. I love your site. Happy Birthday!
    I love your colorful scarfs. My favorite is the cotton in fall colors, my second favorite is the blues.

  52. Happy Birthday Candy! Thank you for offering a gift to your followers. I hope you had a fantastic day!

  53. Happy Birthday Candy! I hope you have a fabulous day planned for yourself.

    If I am lucky enough to win, I would be thrilled to own one of your scarves. The only scarf I own is for winter. I would love to have Wisteria. My favorite color combination is purple and blue so this would be just perfect for me.

  54. Many More Happy Birthdays to you! Have a great year. Your dye fabrics are certainly beautiful.
    I spent one day helping a dyer at the Southern Highlands Fair in Rocky Top, many years ago. It was great fun, but we used natural dyes, and had many big iron pots of water for dying different items different colors. It was great fun, but I haven’t done that for so long. I went more in the spinning & weaving direction and quilting later on.
    Your son is very talented , congratulation to him and you. I love to hear of children of crafters who are also blessed with an artistic talent.

  55. Happy Birthday and congrats on your continued success. I would choose a scarf in Madrigal or Burning Fire thanks

  56. Hello Candy! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day!
    If I were to win I would love to have your moonlit moth scarve. All are beautiful.

  57. Candy, Happy Birthday to you! If I was to be so lucky as to be chosen, I would pick one of your hand dyed fabrics and try my hand at making a bag (although it would be tough to pass up a scarf, I am a scarf person too). I think your zippered clutches are just splendid.

  58. Happy Birthday to you , Candy ! Wow !Your hand dyed scarves are gorgeous,wery wery beautiful!! What I like most this gray – red 🙂

  59. Happy belated Birthday…Thanks for the giveaway! It’s a tough choice, but I Love the scarves…not sure if there is a color option too and I would honestly love any color, but if I could choose the grey and red one is divine.

  60. i Would love to have the fabric. The scarves and the fabric are wonderful. I love the greens and blues

  61. Love the scarves … You know my colors! I need to look fabulous in Nola. What better way than with your beautiful scarf. 😉

  62. I still have your birthday pressie and its not coals to Newcastle or a busman’s holiday if you know these expressions. your scarves are wonderful and the fabric is a treasure to stroke!

  63. Happy birthday Candy. You are a dynamo. I admire your energy and enthusiasm and am really enjoying your class. So much information, so well presented.

  64. i love all your fabric, but I’d especially live to have a hand dyed yummy silk scarf to wear this winter! Happy Birthday, it’s always so nice to see artists succeeding doing what they love!

  65. Hi Candy,

    I’ve long admired your work and color sense and would love to win one of your scarves. I have coloring similar to yours so maybe Sunset or Kelp or one of your choice would be great. Happy Birthday!

  66. Happy Birthday Candy! I hope it was a bright and colorful as you are. A;ways a fan of your beautiful dyes. If I were to win, I would adore a scarf in the autumn splendor. Thank you 🙂

  67. Happy birthday! I love all your work, &Sam a newsletter
    Subscriber. Would love some of your lovely
    Fabric if I should b so lucky to win. Have a blessed

  68. You are so much fun! Great to see you at the shop, and a half yard of fabric would be so beautiful. Teals and purples are my fave. HOAVE A GREAT YEAR young lady!