Show Report | Art for Heaven’s Sake 2014

Well, I’ve been busy!!! Writing a book, teaching full time at the University of Redlands, and teaching a Free Motion Machine Sketching class every Tuesday night has had me hopping! I most definitely didn’t have time to make as much new stuff to sell at my booth, and I decided that it was OK, that I wouldn’t stress and do what I could do. This made for the most stress free setup I’ve had. That, and hubby clearing his Friday afternoon schedule so he didn’t have to rush off in the middle of setting up. Because we have to light the booth up for the Friday night opening, setup takes a LOT longer – but we were done in 3 hours, which is pretty remarkable considering!

So here’s how the booth looked at the end of setup on Friday afternoon:

AFHS 2014 01

AFHS 2014 13

AFHS 2014 12

AFHS 2014 11

AFHS 2014 10

AFHS 2014 09

AFHS 2014 08

AFHS 2014 07

AFHS 2014 06

AFHS 2014 05

AFHS 2014 04

AFHS 2014 03

AFHS 2014 02

Here’s the booth just before the opening party started, I have some awesome trumpet top bulbs that do a great job lighting up the booth:


Here’s all my new zip sateen clutches:


They were very popular all weekend long! One thing I noticed Friday night is that I was really down in the stock of my hand dyed silk capes. The blanks are so expensive that I only keep one of any particular color palette in stock, but I was down to only 6 palettes, so I probably could have sold a couple that night if there had been more choices. So, what’s a gal to do, but get up early Saturday morning and get 6 more dyed before I head off to the show:


The show started off very slowly Saturday morning (there was a huge homecoming day at the UoR), so sales were a bit down, but they picked up later in the day.  I then came home and rinsed out scarves:


and vegetated on the chaise!

Sunday I got up early to run the scarves through the washing machine, and get them ironed by 10:30. While ironing scarves I noticed a whole box of small botanical sketches, ack! We hustled on over to the show and did some reorganization…I didn’t like the large quilts behind the bags anyway, so I switched those around as well. We also took down one of the sides for a little air flow and hubby put the umbrella to help block the mmorning sun, which was very helpful.








You can see that a lot of the clutches were gone by Sunday morning!




I’m much happier with this layout!

And by the end of the day, all I had left were 2 zip clutches:


Which means I’ve gotta make more before the next show!

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  1. Hi Candy,
    Well I could kick myself for missing the Art show. I’m sure you sent out an announcement, but I have had so much in my schedule, and don’t know when the show was. Your booth looks beautiful!!! And I can’t believe after setting up you went home and dyed some more fabric. I don’t know how you do all that you do, and also write a book.
    I did want to let you know that I read the great article on your son in the paper yesterday morning. That is quite a honor for him to play back in Nashville. I know both you and your husband are very proud of him. Sounds like he has his own personal coach to help him along with his playing. I loved to listen to trombone players. I used to march right in front of trombone players in our marching band back in high school. I also had an uncle who was a high school music director in Kansas City, KS who also played trombone as well as piano.
    I played in an orchestra, myself, back in Iola, KS when I was in high school. I played “first” oboe for three years, and our symphonette (as it was called back then) was honored to be “Orchestra” of the year for 1959, and invited to play at KU in Lawrence. You’ll have to let me know when your son has an orchestra program, as I’d love to attend.
    Back to you – I’d like to attend the Red Dirt Art Festival, but I am already committed to going to Victorville Saturday morning for a meeting, and then we host a potluck at our church that evening. Will squeeze that in in the early afternoon, if I can. However, I would like to do the holiday studio tour on Dec 6th – I have a baby shower for my granddaughter on Sunday, the 7th. I’m marking my calendar for the 6th to do the tour.
    Thanks for sharing, Fondly, Judy Fink (one of your free-motion students)