Meetup | September Goals

Well, the day job starts today! I do love my job, but I love summer vacation more!

August Goals

Finished New Clutch for me August 4 100%
 Run Faux Snow Giveaway August 5 100%
 Guest Post for Quilting Daily August 25 100%
 Teach 2 Free Motion Classes – 6 sessions in all August 26 100%
 Replenish Scarf Stocks for AFHS Oct 15 100%
Add some bits and pieces to 101-103 August 31 100%
Work on Mystery Project, mystery no more! August 31 10%
calendar email to students August 31 100%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

Now that my mystery projects have been revealed, they don’t have to be mysteries any more! The e-book is out in the world, but I can’t really talk about what’s going on with my book, so things are going to get quiet here for awhile!

I’ve not got as much done on my book projects as I had wanted to, but I’m doing what I normally do when I get a bit overwhelmed…I tackle a bunch of little things that have been bugging me so I can focus on the big one!

I’m lucky that I didn’t need to do a TON of dyeing to replenish my scarf stocks for my October show, Art for Heaven’s Sake, so I knocked that out over the weekend. I had a bunch of little things (and one more big thing) to add to my online classes, I got those done. Now the studio is clean and ready for full time working on the book!

Of course, I also had to do a little organizing in the kitchen too…I ordered some chalkboard labels like 6 months ago and finally got all my flours, grains and rices sorted out and nicely labelled:

labels for my organized kitchen

September Goals

Sateen clutches for Fall Shows October 15 0%
Work on Book February 20! 10%
New iPad cover for me with stylus pocket Sept 16 0%
calendar email to students Sept 30 0%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

I’m trying to keep focussed – wish me luck!!!

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