A Goal is a Dream with a Plan

Long term blog readers will probably know that I post monthly goals here – although it started as place to keep track of all the different things I want to make an do as an artist, it also because a way to encourage me to follow through with those plans. I also began to start each year mapping out longer term goals, each year including a couple of “pie in the sky goals”, my first set of those was to get published in print, back in January of 2010. To get published had been a secret dream of mine for several years, but it took the act of putting it out in the world to actually get me to act upon it. I’ve continued to turn several dreams into goals…and then get them done! This quote floats around facebook a lot, and I find that it summarizes how blogging my goals have allowed me to turn my dreams into realities:


Well, I’m finally able to share a really big dream that I’m turning into reality:

I’m writing a book!!!!!!!!!!

My goal lists since last January have referenced a couple of mystery projects; there’s a small one that I’ll be able to share soon, but the big one is MY BOOK! I’m working with the awesome folks at Interweave/F & W Media and I am totally excited about it!!!!!!

All I can share for now is the fact that I’m writing a book – the subject/content type needs to remain a secret until it’s published (although I am sure many of you will guess it correctly!) Right now, they are aiming for the book to be “in house” in March of 2016. It seems like a long way away, but aiyiyi, there’s a lot of work for me to do before then! All the finished projects and manuscript rough drafts are due next February!

So, if it’s so far away, why am I talking about it now?

  1. Obviously, my blogging and sharing work on other social media is gonna slow waaaaay down. Interweave has always been ok with sharing magazine projects ahead of time, but all the book stuff (like the Workshop DVDs) needs to be secret until release time.
  2. I really need to tell you all how integral your encouragement and support of my work has given me the courage to turn my dreams into goals, and then following through to make those goals a reality! Thank you!!!

I’ll continue to post my monthly goals here, although the book details will be very vague!

August Goals

Finished New Clutch for me August 4 100%
 Run Faux Snow Giveaway August 5 100%
 Teach 2 Free Motion Classes – 6 sessions in all August 26 50%
 Manuscript Delivery 2/20/2015 5%
calendar email to students August 31 0%
New Quilts for boys August 31 65%
Custom Tablet cover for Valerie ?? 50%

With the boys back in school, I’ve got two weeks to get some solid work done and map out a plan for the entire Fall – wish me luck!!!

7 Responses

  1. I will be first in line to get it! 2016 is a LONG time away though. LOL Let me know if you need any “testers” along the way. hee hee


  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! I am just thrilled for you.
    The first time I saw you on Quilting Arts TV I hoped we would see and hear a lot more from you….you never disappoint.

  3. Yay! I’ll be ordering that one! I love looking at your work. BTW, I made two versions of that bag you posted about, and took one on a month’s trip to South America where personal safety is such a big challenge, and it helped so much. I’d put a zipped pocket in the lining which was very useful, but the adjustable strap and the outside zipped pocket were the stars. Thanks for the motivation!