Giveaway! August/September Quilting Arts Magazine + 4 Half Yards of “Faux Snow” Dyed Fabric!

I’ve got so much to celebrate that I thought I’d share my happiness with one lucky commenter! My 17 year old trombone-playing son Liam is touring the country with the National Youth Orchestra of the USA, and this coming Wednesday, July 30, they’ll be playing at the Grand Tetons Music Festival. So, we’re hitting the road tomorrow and driving over 900 miles so we can get a little R & R in the Tetons, and see/hear them play right in the middle of the vacation! We’ll also be able to attend their final concert, August 4, when they play in Disney Hall: luckily, that is a quick 60-90 minute drive from our house!

I received a couple of copies of the August/September issue of Quilting Arts Magazine because I’ve got an article on “Faux Snow” dyeing in there.


I love this technique, and a particular color palette that I dye in this manner reminds me of Monet’s Giverny paintings, and has inspired me to make a sketchbook :


as well as a couple of art quilts using the plants that grow in that garden as inspiration:

I’ve shared this process a couple times before, including episode 1303 of Quilting Arts TV, so I’ve got a lot of fabric dyed in this particular Giverny color palette. Here are Pokey and I on set after doing some “faux snow” dyeing:

So, what I’d like to do is give away:


How to enter

  •  Leave a comment on this blog post, answering one of these 2 questions:
    • What you would do with this fabric if you won; fondling it and then placing it in your stash is certainly an acceptable answer to this one! 😉
    • What other painting(s) do you think would inspire a beautiful multi-color fabric palette?
  • Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, I’ll be monitoring/approving them as best as I can on vacation, but I don’t know how good our wifi will be up in Wyoming!

When does it close?

  • Tuesday, August 5th at noon, PST
  • I’ll announce the winner August 6

Good luck!


92 Responses

  1. Wow, how cool is that!! Oh…after fondling the fabric, I want to make drawstring bags out of them, as that’s what I’m gearing up to do in the near future. Paintings. Hmmmm…some of your fabrics make me think a bit of Picasso, some of the more straightforward (and understandable) pieces.

  2. OH goodness! This fabric is so pretty! I think that after fondling it for a while, I would have to drape it over all the furniture for days just to take in how pretty it is! I think that I would probably make some kind of loose dressy top to wear or make cute skirts and tops or summer dresses for my granddaughters. They love skirts and dresses. They are 2 and 4 years old. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win the magazine and these absolutely to “dye for” fabrics! 🙂

  3. I would make something for me (like a purse or clutch). After that I would work on designing an art wall hanging featuring the fabric.

  4. The fabrics are stunning! I’d make pillow covers for the family room and add rest of the fabrics to a special quilt built around the fabric(s) or make a top/shirt so I could wear it often and enjoy the beautiful colors. Paintings for inspiration – those that showcase spring (or fall) seasons especially flowers of the season and the rest of nature! Totally agree that the ones being showcased remind of Monet’s colors and feel. Lovely!

  5. Oh, fondling them is definitely the first step, then I think I would use them in a modern design that my hubby sketched and I want to find time to sew….those fabrics would be awesome in it! (and Monet is super, but Pissaro was great, too! Love some of his landscapes.) Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway, and here’s to a safe vacation and lots of good memories!

  6. Beautiful, must be fondled and then draped on my sewing table untill an idea comes.
    A picture I could see made with the fabric would be Monet’s Water Lilies

  7. Hi,. I saw you and the technique,. demonstrated on the Quilting Arts, of course when we had snow,…….I didn’t get around to dyeing fabric,…..and the ice maker can’t keep up with all the ice tea we drink,………so fabric would be great,……how many days to x-mas…

    oops I forgot to add………..I would have the grand kids make a present for mom,….and they could say that the fabric was made with ice/snow………did we say ice cubes,……..not sure on what painting,. it looks like crack ice,….see other e-mail. as I thought all was sent……..

  8. I would make a tote, the one you sell the pattern for. I love Monets painting, a thought for new colors. Thanks sharing your beautiful fabrics. Will have to get the magazine if I don’t win.

  9. I would make a mini quilt…maybe a Mariner’s Compass. My picture is one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Petunia paintings. Love the purples & pinks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Wonderful dyed samples. I do fiber art and these would work their way into my pieces. I think Monet’s paintings, if done in fabric would definitely use multi-color pieces

  11. If I won, I’d use your beautiful fabrics as the inspiration for a new quilt.

    As for a painting for inspiration. I have thought that the color palette of Picasso’s Two Girls Reading–you can see a photo of it at the bottom of this blog post–would make an interesting quilt … but when I went looking for commercial fabrics in these colors, it was challenging.

    1. If you cannot find the colors you need – that is another great reason to take Candy’s dyeing classes. I looked at the link on your blog. I have a “recipe” – either in my head when I looked at it – or something close that is written down for all of the colors. Take her Dyeing 101 and you can do the same :0)

  12. What a coincidence, I am currently collecting fabrics for a King sized quilt based on Monet’s waterlily pond.
    Klimt and Dali have some great colour combos that really ‘pop’

  13. What a wonderful giveaway! I would make something to wear–a purse, maybe. That is after I spent a good amount of time admiring the fabrics. How about fabric inspired by Matisse?

  14. Congratulations on your article!! I would love to make an art quilt of undetermined subject. (You really need to see and feel the fabric before it will talk to you.)

  15. I love the Faux Snow fabrics. I would make a fall wall hanging featuring quilted leaf motifs if I win. Thanks. Blessings on you and your talented family! Beth

  16. I would look at the fabric and think about a collage to make with it.

    Instead of a painting, I think a coloful bird could be a wonderful inspiration for a color palette.

  17. I would use the fabric to try Gloria Loughman’s tiled texture technique in an art quilt.

  18. I would definitely make a lap quilt for my BFF, this is all she wears as anything that looks tye dyed or bright colors lol people were shocked when they seen her in a regular semi normal colored shirt. I always tell her she’s stuck in the 60’s…her answer is YEP then a big grin, I’m so glad I met her 30yrs ago. As for painting I don’t know much but I think of the ceiling of the sistine chapel. Congrats on the magazine article.

  19. I’d make a fun quilt for our new RV with that beautiful fabric!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway and enjoy your trip to see your son’s concert 🙂

  20. Fondle first, then make a quilt! Cool would be a color run of red to yellow to white to look like fields of tulips.

  21. I would make a midnight sky quilt out of the dark blue one. It would be perfect!

  22. Wonderful experience for your son….you must be beaming with pride!!
    If I won, I would make a lap quilt… I love the house idea!!

  23. There is no doubt that if I won, these fabrics would join my petting collection until inspiration comes. I think Van Gogh, or Georgia O’Keeffe could provide that inspiration quite nicely. Then again, Andy Warhol’s pop art could be very influential with these fabrics.

  24. Love all your fabrics! I would make either some clothes for my granddaughters, or bags for the feminine hygiene kits made by Days for Girls International for girls in third world countries, so they can go to school every day of the month!
    I love the colours of Van Gogh, especially ‘Starry Night’.

  25. first I will take some pictures of the fabrics and them sew an art quilt trying your thread sketching method.very nice giveaway…thank you….

  26. So much fun this give away, thank you. In the copy of QA must be some lovely ideas to work with your beautiful fabrics. No stashing of course.

  27. The colours are so pretty. I would use this fabric to make a mini art quilt as it would be just perfect for that. Picasso’s sunflowers have a great colour range.

  28. If I was lucky enough to win there would definitely be a lot of fondling!! then I’d pin it on the wall of my sewing room to look at for a while!!

  29. These fabrics do so remind one of Monet’s garden paintings, and Manet’s Garden party, and Seurat’s SUNDAY Afternoon in the Park, and …….basically, these capture the light and colors of the impressionists beautifully. I would love to paint…I mean sew with these beauties!! 🙂

  30. It would probably take a lot of courage to actually cut into this beautiful fabric, but if I could, I would make a bag or 2 out of it. Maybe a tote or zipper pouch.

    One painting that comes to mind is ‘Three White Tulips’ by Charles Sheeler.

  31. I would make an art quilt out of those lovely ice dyes! I have a piece that I am needing a background for and this might just be the ticket! Thanks for the chance and have a fun vacation!

  32. Thanks for your generosity, Candy! I would certainly look and re-look at the fabrics repeatedly, as I always do. Might make gift tote bag(s), might try some stitching inspired by your work! Maybe placemats, maybe art quilts…the possibilities are myriad! Cheers!

  33. I love your dyed fabric. I would ‘dye’ to win this contest ! When looking at the fabric, I started thinking of a log cabin quilt or a diagonal 4 patch quilt. There are many possibilities as I look at the samples, I love mixing modern fabrics with old fashion patterns, it works great. Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric and get a magazine too.

  34. Congratulations to your son. Enjoy the Tetons. Inspiration, I don’t know painters but your going to Mother Natures Canvas. Take it in and be inspired! With your beautiful fabric, I would ‘Ooooh!’ over it, then put it in my stash until the prefect quilt called for it. Then it will add sparkle to the quilt.

  35. Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway.
    I would incorporate the fabrics into an art quilt if I won.

  36. I think Van Gogh’s Starry Night would be great inspiration for this technique.

  37. I love bright colors and would use the material for a teen quilt.

  38. Oh my what would I do with this fabric if I won it? Quilt. Quilt. Quilt. Oh yes! This would be beautiful in the cathedral pattern. It reminds me of stained glass. Reading the previous posts there are so clearly so many wonderful ideas. Whoever wins will be so very lucky. Pick me. Pick me.

  39. I think I’d make myself a vest out of this yummy fabric. I’m a Monet lover, like you, but I also like just about any painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

  40. Candy, I’d put it on a design wall until it spoke to me and told me what it wanted to be! How about using Dale Chihully blown glass as an inspiration for color combos?
    P.S. I covet your “Autumn” dyed shirt in your blog photo. The colors are right up my alley.

  41. First, I would definitely fondle, experience the pieces from top to bottom then get a feel at what the material would be comfortable in. A wall hanging, quilt, picture or whatever.

    I really missed your “Get-er-Done” class at Redlands. I wanted to get your expert advice, and feed back. Your a great teacher for I learned in your free motion class to not be afraid, . . .JUST QUILT IT!!

  42. I have always loved the color combinations in Vincent Van Gogh paintings. And I would first spend quality time just folding and stacking your fabric with my other handdyes just to admire how beautifully they play together.

  43. I love this fabric look and will have to try it out for myself. I do tend to have to leave fabric out and stare at it for awhile before I do something with it, but I would try not to let it start to gather dust.

  44. Definitely I would fondle it and put it in my stash to enjoy it for awhile. Then I would try to dye fabric that looks like it. Later I would probably make my 2 great-granddaughters clothes out of it.

  45. I would use half of it for a purse and the other half in a throw. I like to make smaller pieces rather than bed size quilts. I don’t seem to be able to finish a big project because I’m always finding another project that I want to try. Rather than leaving something unfinished, I do the smaller projects. I love these fabrics. They remind me of a new version of batiks. Can we call them Candied Batiks?
    Have a wonderful day!

  46. You must be so proud of your son! I’m glad that you will get the opportunity to travel and see him perform. And as for your own artistic talent . . . Swoon! You fabrics and the quilt are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your art. And congratulations on being published in Quilting Arts! I like Jane Townswick’s applique patterns, and I would use some of this fabric to make applique flowers and birds, and some of it for borders around the blocks. As for paintings, I love the cool colors in Georgia O’Keefe’s “An Orchid” and the warm colors in “Red Canna.” Thanks again, and happy travels!

  47. While I believe the petting this beautiful fabric would be a must! I would like to answer the second question. I love the soft yet beautiful water colors of Claude Monet. These would translate beautifully into the wash of colors in hand dyed fabric.

  48. I would use this beautiful fabric to make a quilt for my daughter who was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin’s Disease. She is an artist & art therapist so she would love the colors and she could snuggle under it after chemotherapy and use the colors to inspire her to visualize faraway places to ease her pain.

  49. Beautiful fabric! Of course I would put some in a quilt, some little art quilts, and I would love to piece some into a bohemian shirt I am making!
    You must be busting with pride! Such an amazing experience for your Liam!

  50. Congrats to your son. Your fabric is lovely, I would make a Quillow with it. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. I’ve done some ice dyeing — would guess the snow dyeing is similar. I would use the fabric in a quilting project.

  52. Beautiful fabric! I would draw inspiration from Maxfield Parrish’s prints, I love the saturated colors.

  53. You are right we quilter love to pet our fabric:) I think a table runner for my daughter would be first up on the list!!
    Thanks for the chance at a great give away!!

  54. Oh my heck!! Such beautiful fabric! I believe I see a table topper or runner hiding in them! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  55. That fabric is so beautiful! I would make a knitting bag or two from it to carry my projects in. The fabric reminds me of a Monet painting…perhaps a color inspiration? Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! I’m in awe of your work! Congratulations to you son!

  56. I actually love cutting up fabric and with a light medium and dark the possibilities are endless!

  57. I would use it in a star quilt I’m making for my daughter; these colors would just make the stars pop out of the dark background! Thanks for the beautiful giveaway.

  58. I love the really bright strong colours you used for your cousins pillows.
    I am looking for inspiration for a new wall hanging. Maybe these would be it!?

  59. I’ve been wanting to make my husband a celestial piece of the Pleiades and this would be a perfect start! He’s been wanting one forever 🙂

  60. I would make a bag out of it. I think a cute duffel would be so cute! Of course, that would be after I fondled it an petted it for a while! LOL

  61. Absolutely gorgeous. You certainly are a master, Candy. I would like to try faux snow dyeing but have done ice dyeing before and they seem similar. I would use the fabric to make a few notebook covers for gifts.

  62. After petting it for awhile, I would use them in a quilt! They are SO beautiful!! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  63. I would make some quilted zippered pouches. As far as paintings, I am drawn to the bright colors of abstract paintings from the 40’s and the pop art posters of the 60’s.

  64. Congrats on your QA article. I’ll have to wait to read it to see if you use snow or ice. IF I won I’d use it for small quilts I’m doing for my design group as we explore different colour combinations. Another artist’s work that is bursting with vibrant colours in Van Gogh. I was never very interested in his art until last year when I saw a lot of it in person and was blown away with the style and vibrancy.

  65. Wow how cool is that!? Congratulations on all your successes from your quilting adventures! If I were you I think I’d be bruised from needing to pinch myself so often. 🙂 You deserve it, your one talented lady. Thanks for your willingness to share all your tips hints and step by step pics. I imagine it to be quite time intensive, but super helpful for us. Have a great trip with your son.

  66. Ooh…I don’t know! I’d definitely put some of it in a quilt (hearts or flowers or a sunset?). I could see a pretty cute set of bags and pouches out of these!

  67. I would do a lot of fondlling and then use it in a landscape wall hanging. I love the look of your fabric.

  68. Congrats to Liam – my daughter played the flute and we loved seeing her in concert. Your trips photos are beautiful. Another artist with incredible palettes is Georges Seurat – especially the sea side paintings.

  69. In all honesty, I’m a fabric hoarder, so it’s likely I would just keep the beautiful fabric to gaze upon. If I could summon the courage to actually cut it, I would probably use it to make a bag. Very beautiful Candy.

  70. I’d stroke and pet the fabric until a suitable project came to mind, then I’d get sewing.

  71. I have always wanted to do a self portrait art quilt using Esterita Austin’s technique of using just one multi-colored piece of hand dyed fabric to make the portrait. Your fabric would be PERFECT for this!! Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

  72. Beautiful fabric!

    I prefer to let fabric talk to me, telling me what it wants to do. So, if I won, I would probably spend some time getting to know the gorgeous pieces and see where they want to end up.

  73. Oh fondling and gazing is a given!! And because of that, I’d like to make things that would be seen, touched and used….book covers, purses, pillows, soft toys, etc.
    There are many inspirational artworks but for me, a photographer, my inspiration comes from my environment. I just love the textures and colours of nature that gives myriad choices upon which to feast the eye….subtle tints thru to in-your-face colour, it’s all there!

  74. I would save the fabric in my stash until my granddaughter is a little older. She is so creative and I am sure she will have the right project for it.

  75. The material is just beautiful, mesmerizing! A wonderful gift to receive.
    What memories your family is making to remember for a life time! 🙂

  76. Beautiful fabrics! Love the quilt as well! After spending time with the fabric, hehe, I’d find a pattern that showed off the beautiful fabric. Maybe like the quilt above.

    Thanks for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  77. I would definitely have to spend some time just looking and touching the beautiful fabrics before I decided what to make. Whatever I’d make would be spectacular with the snow dyed fabric. Thanks for the great giveway.