A Bread Basket with Wonky Squares

Last summer we renovated our kitchen ourselves, and I’ve really enjoyed it all year. There are a couple parts of the kitchen that needed some improvement, one of them is right here:


There are like 4 or 5 half loaves of bread on the counter – although there’s not always that many, there’s always a couple out and about. We have to keep the bread where we can see it or it gets forgotten. So I decided to make a bread basket to keep them together in something pretty, that’s still in plain view!





I love it! And with the handles on it, it’s really easy to grab and move it to another space when somebody needs the counter that it’s on.


I truly love being able to make something to fill a particular need, and have it be pretty as well!

5 Responses

  1. What a neat, and pretty idea. I am going to make our family one. Though we have a bread box, there always seems to be one loaf left on the counter. What a pretty way to give it a special spot.

  2. Very cute! I need one of those. Think I’ll pull out some hand dyed fabric and make one. Thank you for the inspiration. Your work, as usual, is beautiful!