A Couple of Zip Pouches for Some Special Occasions

I had to make a couple of quick zip pouches in the craziness of last week. First, I wanted to make one for Stephanie, Liam’s awesome accompanist who has played for so many occasions this year. She deserved something extra and personal. I was wondering about what colors to use when the answer walked across the stage in Andrew’s recital last week:


I made a Black Orchid skirt for her a couple of years ago, I’d forgotten what palette, so I knew that she liked these colors. I luckily had 1/2 yard of Black Orchid in my stash and had fun making this zip bag playing with how the colors flow around the bag:



I put a credit card pocket on one side and a cell phone sized pocket on the other side:


I gave it to her at the Redlands Bowl between the mike check and concert, she LOVED it!


Then, while packing Liam up for his NYO-USA tour, I realized that he had a lot of different cords, earphones and chargers to keep track of it. I asked him if he thought a zip bag to hold them all would be useful and he said yes! So I whipped this one up for him:





The bright orange color should bake it easy to find in that black messenger bag of his. Here’s my baby off at 5:30 in the morning:


He made it to New York safe and sound and is already having a great time!

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