Happy Clients!

Well, Mary came by after work for her bags:


And she was very happy! hooray!



I’ve also been quickly dyeing a silk cape for someone who needs  to look spiffy at a big  family event this week! Actually I dyed 2 the same way so she can choose, because when you pour the dyes on, they do what they’re gonna do, so each one is unique!

She was following along when I was making bags for Mary this weekend (#finallyabagformary and #bonusbagformary) and asked if it were in the realm of possibility that I make her one of those clutches to match her outfit. Because I already had some Aurora fabric dyed I said no problem, so there’s a new hashtag in town: #MakeCatherineABagSTAT! Here’s what we pulled:


and I’m getting to work on it right….NOW!

3 Responses

  1. Could we see the dyed capes? I’ve never seen something done like that before and am really curious how it looks and how you did it? Inquiring minds and all that…!