FMMS Sketchbook | Kitchen Vessels

There’s a slight blip in the Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD¬†blog tour, Melody’s got a lotta house stuff that’s come up, stay tuned for that! In the meantime, let me show you the next sketchbook I made!

This one is full of new to me subject matter: bowls, vases and pitchers, vessels of all sorts. I’m a huge fan of ceramics and have plenty around my house, so this whole book is my interpretation of vessels I own, and I use the color palette I’ve been using to decorate my newly renovated kitchen!

Oh, I love this chartreuse against the turquoise!

The layout of shapes and the switching of these 2 colors back and forth is really exciting! It provides me with a great space for a favorite pasta bowl and an old fashioned milk bottle.

Here’s a favorite teapot and a tagine hubby inherited from his Mom.

I used the center spread to capture one of my favorite things, a line of bowls in descending size!

Here are 2 more triangular vessels.

The classic striped bowl, and a vase.

Finally, a wee cupcake stand with a bird on it!

I really like working with these colors! I also have learned that I’d like to keep working these motifs, I need more practice laying out the vessel on the fabric swatch, some of them don’t work for me here! But that’s why I’m working in a sketchbook!


2 Responses

  1. I love your little books what a great way to record some sketching. I particularly like your pitcher in this book, I have 2 that I love the shape of but would never have thought to sketch them.