Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 4 | Susan Brubaker Knapp

Next up on my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour is Susan Brubaker Knapp who blogs at Blue Moon River. I met her filming QATV in the Summer of 2010, and swe got to meet up the next Summer at QATV taping as well when I got to have a couple of really fun dinners with Susan and some other really talented gals. Susan has been so generous with her time and helpful advice, I totally appreciate her knowledge of all things in the quilt teaching world…and soon a lot more people are going to find out how wonderful she is as she is the next host of Quilting Arts TV!!!

She is an awesome choice to succeed Pokey, I know she’s going to be great! She has 4 awesome Quilting Arts Workshop DVD’s herself: the latest one just launched a couple of weeks ago where she covers 7 different ways to finish art quilts!

Susan’s work zooms in on realistic subjects and really adds layers of detail to create wonderfully vibrant art!

This awesome quilt featuring a Painted Lady Butterfly:

was featured on the cover of……. the February issue of Genetics in Medicine, the magazine of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. How COOL is THAT???

I’m friends with Susan on Facebook, and every day she posts a picture she takes on her morning walk, usually a close up of some plant or flower. It’s easy to see how these inspire her:

“The Gift” (20″ x 18.5″) by Susan Brubaker Knapp
Copyright 2014

She paints the image and then adds incredible detail with her quilting:

Soooo Coool!!! Another of her DVDs takes you through the process of creating a wholecloth painted quilt!

She teaches all over and quite often, take a look at her schedule, you may find she’s in your area soon!

Now, when I asked Susan what botanical item she thought would be good for me to stitch, one of her responses was a pumpkin! Now, Susan was born on Halloween, and really loves the holiday:

She really gets into Halloween, so I HAD to stitch her a pumpkin!


For a chance to win this pumpkin, and a copy of my new DVD, head on over to her blog to enter! And don’t forget the rest of the stops on the tour!

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour

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