Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour Day 3 | Victoria Gertenbach

Next up on my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour is Victoria Gertenbach of The Silly BooDilly­!!!


We met while taping Quilting Arts TV in the summer of 2010 and we’ve been friends every since! (This is her in the green room that day – she looked so great in one of the scarves I brought to wear on set that I made her take it home!) What’s so funny is that I had admired her work for a couple years before meeting her in person, but I’ve always associated her beautiful textile art with the name of her blog “Silly Boodilly”, rather than her name. So in the green room that day a few minutes after being introduced to her,  I saw Victoria holding one of her stunning “work quilts” and exclaimed “you’re THE Silly BooDilly!!!!”

Her work emphasizes the work of her hands, and rejoices at the way age effects all things, from textiles to metal to barns in her rural Pennsylvania home.

Although palette is often subdued, she made a lot of simply gorgeous quilted fabric beads last Fall:

The color, the texture, the stitches, everything about them just wowed me! They wowed lots of people who snatched them up from her Etsy Shop as fast as she could make them. As she has to limit the amount of hand stitching she does due to pain in her hands, she published the pattern so folks can make their own!

Lately she’s been working on a series called “Rough Patches”

Oh, these are all so gorgeous, I think this is my favorite:

but it’s hard to pick one, they are all so lovely. I am usually not drawn to frayed edges, but in her hands they truly become art!

In the summer of 2012 I did some work with Indigo and she was quite drawn to it, so I had to send her some fabric:


She turned those blues into a pair of stunning art quilts:

One of which lives happily now at my house!


When I asked her which flower she’d like to see FMMS’ed, she replied “Pansy”!!! I of course had to stitch it on some indigo dyed fabric!


oooh, I had a lot of fun with this one!!! If you’d like to enter the giveaway for this sketch along with a copy of my  Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD, then head on over to her site to enter!

Free Motion Machine Sketching Blog Tour