FMMS Sketchbook | Maine Woods

I am so happy to finally be able to share my free-motion machine sketchbooks with you! Today I’ll share the very first sketchbook I made while getting ready for my FMMS DVD.

This one is called Maine woods, inspired by the Summers I spent on Mount Desert Island, Maine growing up.

The color palette combines the greens and browns of the pine tree needles and bark with a lovely light blue that reminds me of the Summer Sky! Here on the first page is a Lupine, a lovely blue flower that grows wild on the side of roads:

Here is a Tamarack pine branch and a cute little Black-capped Chickadee, the Maine state bird.

Of course there has to bea Maple leaf and Blueberries!!!

Here’s both the cone and a branch of the White Pine (the Maine state tree).

These pages feature a Thistle and then some Tamarack cones.

Both Black-eye Susans and Phlox grow really well in Maine.

Finally, the leaf of a Beech tree.

This was my first sketchbook and was frankly ecstatic that something I had been envisioning in my head for so long came out just as I had pictured. And the sketcherly quality I was able to capture in this beech leaf gave me quite a thrill!

2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful book, love the quilting designs. It would be a really nice gift (hint).