The Meetup | March Goals

February is a cruel month, it’s SO short! But this March does start well: I’m on Spring break from the day job! Hooray! Logan had his first honor orchestra concert that actually required an audition to participate on Saturday:


There he is in the second stand outside, he really was concentrating the entire time, which has great to see!



He looks so grown up here!


Hubby and Liam are off an adventure that started with an extra 12 hours in the Denver airport because their connecting flight to Louisville was cancelled – but they ended up in Indianapolis late Sunday night, which actually put them closer to their first goal. Liam is going to take lessons with 2 of the trombone professors at IU, and Andrew will give a master class to all the trombone studios. Later in the week they head down to Louisville so Liam can play in the ASTA All National Honors Orchestra. He’ll have 3 days of rehearsal, so Andrew will head east to give a master class at UK in Lexington and then hang out at Morehead State, where he and I taught years ago. So that leaves me and Logan to hold down the fort with Stirling, who did NOT appreciate being woken up at 4 AM so I could drive them to the airport…I made him come with us so I could have company on the road home:

So how did I do on my goals this month?

February Goals

LAUNCH DYEING 103!!!!! February 8 100%
Custom Dyed Scarf for Kim February 18 100%
Inventory for tax prep February 28 80%
QA Gifts Submissions February 28 100%
Could it be? A bag for Mary for real??? February 28 0%
Pillows for Jess & Jim February 28 0%
Teach FMMS Class  Cancelled 0%
Start work on Workshop Launch Festivities February 28 20%
calendar email to students February 28 100%
New Quilts for boys February 28 65%
Next 103 Session February 28 60%
Tree quilt for couch March 31 0%

Not too shabby…I knew I wasn’t going to get much sewing at all done this month…I have high hopes of doing some next month, but with more sessions to make for my online class and a DVD to launch, and the taxes,  I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t be sewing much this month either!

March Goals

Workshop DVD Launch Festivities March 10 20%
More scarves for Colla Voce March 20 0%
Next 2 103 Sessions March 31 30%
calendar email to students March 31   0%
Taxes March 31 20%
Could it be? A bag for Mary for real??? March 31 0%
Pillows for Jess & Jim March 31 0%
New Quilts for boys March 31 65%
Tree quilt for couch March 31 0%

The big  thing this month is to launch my new Quilting Arts Workshop DVD/Download and to keep moving forward on Dyeing 103! Fingers crossed I can make this happen!

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  1. I’m intrigued by this “tree quilt” 🙂 Can’t wait to see all your projects finished!

    Congrats on February and good luck this March. Just the THOUGHT of Spring is making me feel excited and more productive (sometimes) 🙂