January Goals Check in

I’ve been cruising through the list!

January Goals

Calendar email to students January 7 100%
Pix of Samples for FMQ class up on website –┬áSeriously, finish this up before the next class starts!!! January 7 100%
2 emails for possible next projects January 15 100%
iPad Air cover for Andrew January 15 100%
Laptop sleeve for me January 15 100%
Review Diane’s DVD January 14 100%
Inventory for tax prep January 15 0%
Could it be? A bag for Mary for real??? January 15 0%
LAUNCH DYEING 103!!!!! January 31 0%
Tree quilt for couch January 31 5%
New Quilts for boys January 15 65%
Video tutorial for QAYG January 31 100%
Teach FMQ Class January 24 66%
Pillows for Jess & Jim January 31 0%
iPad cover for Mary January 31 0%
Laptop Envelope for Adelheid January 31 0%

My QAYG video tutorial was the biggest thing holding over my head, I am so glad that’s done! Only 8 hours after posting I’ve already got some nice comments on how thorough it is, so I’m glad people are finding it useful! Now, I’ve got to get cracking on Dyeing 103, and find some time to finish Liam’s quilt and get going on those other items up there!

Here’s where Liam’s quilt is at the moment:

liam quilt progress

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