Studio Snapshots | 2 Modulating Squares Quilts for My Boys!

I’ve been promising my boys new quilts for MONTHS now, their old ones have literally started disintigrating, I had to remove them from thier beds last summer before they fell totally apart. (Like the shoemakers children, my boys’ beds have been sorely neglected!) So I’ve finally starting making them – a pair of Modulating Squares quilts.

I love the trimmings I get when straightening up the edge of fabric, they look like little nests!

The bits I didn’t use in the quilt look lovely all folded together:

The glorious modulation of color while piecing:

The joyous tumble of 50 blocks all ready for trimming and order:


A layout on quilt #1 approved by Logan:

Testing thread and quilting pattern:

The beginning of the quilting:

The quilting continues:

A quilting closeup:

Where I am right now! I’m shooting the video tutorial for my QAYG method while quilting…stay tuned!

2 Responses

  1. Great looking layout and colours!

    You know what’s really strange/interesting/funny/freaky? I have a layout on my design wall which has been there for a couple of weeks. I know how I want to quilt it but didn’t fancy dragging a full twin bed quilt through the machine. Didn’t want to QAYG single blocks either. In the end I decided to make up my own method — QAYG row by row. I haven’t started yet — and now I see what you’re doing I think I’ll wait for the tutorial!

  2. I’ve wanted to try QAYG for a long time, but never liked the ones that added sashing.

    I am so looking forward to the video…visual learners need those video tutorials lol