2 More Custom Tablet/Laptop Sleeves


For Christmas, hubby finally got an iPad – an iPad Air to be exact! I am so glad I didn’t make him a sleeve for it to put under the tree, I didn’t know that it was a good 1/2″ or so narrower! My big present was a smaller, thinner laptop (a 14″ Sony Vaio Fit, to be precise). I have a COMPULSION to cover technology with hand dyed fabric, LOL! So I whipped up two sleeves out of my hand dyed linen pronto!

I stitched a really fun, abstract Allium flower for Andrew, and a White Pine for me!


I stitched our names on the flap:


My new laptop has a touchscreen, so I’ve got a pen that works with it. I put a loop on the side of my envelope to hold it:


It gives me great joy to be able to make something pretty and protective for our new toys! 🙂


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