The Real Studio Tour | An Unusual Tool

Here’s week one in Vicki Welsh’s REAL Studio Tour.

The REAL Studio Tour

This week, we’re all going to talk about a non-traditional tool, something that you wouldn’t find in the notions section of a sewing store! I’m afraid my favorite non-traditional tool isn’t very odd, but it sure is useful!!!

Over the weekend, I was a quilting a pillow. I was just about done when I happened to turn it over:


Yep, there’s a lott loops there!


Sigh…time for scissors and a seam ripper!

However, dealing with all the little bits of thread reminded me of an untraditional tool I use a lot…TAPE! Scotch or masking, i use it to quickly pull up all those little bits of thread you get when snipping and ripping issues like these!


I just run a piece of tape along the line where I’d just snipped, rub across the line and lift all the thread away!


Much better! Although there were a couple of places where the thread kind of gobbed up, since this is a pillow back, I really didn’t care! This whole detour took me about half and hour, and then I went on to finish a new pillow for my couch!


Now head on over to Vicki Welsh’s REAL Studio Tour to see what other non-traditional tools folks are using in their studios!

The REAL Studio Tour

12 Responses

  1. Yes, that would be a quick fix for an oopsie! 🙂 I wonder if you wrapped the tape around your hand if you could dab faster and rotate the sticky part.

  2. I love tape … I keep all kinds of tape handy in my crafty/quilting bunk room. You never know when it’s going to be just the right tool!! 🙂

  3. I’m a great fan of tape as thread catcher. I also use lint rollers to grab threads. I try not to go wild with it to save money and not totally destroy planet earth with mounds of trash. But sometimes, you just need something sticky to do the job!

  4. Have you tried Bobbin Genie for this issue? Friends of mine have used it and it works on most machines to keep you from getting all that “tangly” bobbin thread…