Studio Snapshots | Convertible Totes in Progress

With a show coming up this weekend, I spent the weekend making some of my convertible totes, here are some pix I snapped along the way:









I’m excited to show you the finished bags! Maybe tomorrow!

Ooh, it’s the 15th, so a quick check at the goals are in order:

October Goals

Pix of Samples for FMQ class September 30 0%
Convertible Totes for Fall Shows October 15 100%
Fill up scarf stock October 15 90%
New signs for booth October 15 0%
Autumn Splendor mini botanical sketches October 15 20%
QA Article October 24 50%
Prep kits for Phone Case class November 5 0%

Not too bad…and if I keep my nose to the grindstone tomorrow, I’ll knock those botanical sketches out as well! Plus a quick deadline for an article came my way last week, so had to add that to the list as well!

Now I’ll end with more process pix…just because! 🙂

Almost done! Making this bag takes a long time when you're making 5 at a time!

Ready for top stitching! #fbp stitching makes everything better! #fbp

And they're done! #justlikethat #umnotreally #fbp

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