Studio Snapshots | Another Season of Scarves

Well, this week  I’ve been rinsing and ironing my Spring Palette Silk Scarves.


A couple of you have commented on how beautiful the scarves are – please note, that the pictures I’ve been posting of finished scarves are old ones that I use in the shop. If I took a picture of every scarf I ever dyed, well, I would only make about 1/10th as many as I do. The reason I can sell my scarves as reasonably as I do is if I I minimize the time I spend on them…which means I take nice pictures every once in awhile, and use them over and over again! 🙂


I’ve got one more weekend to stock up the scarves, my first show of the fall starts one week from today – YIKES!

2 Responses

  1. Well…the pcs that you use over and over again are absolutely beautiful! And…you do make beautiful scarves…best wishes,