Winner of my 1000th Blog Post Giveaway!

winnerWhat a fun giveaway this was…thanks for all your kind words! It is so incredibly awesome that I have such great news to share! And the lucky winner is:





I’m going to email you right now…and double check with you what colors you’d like me to send you so you can make a stocking for your 4 year old!


Plus a copy of Quilting Arts Gifts and one of my DVD’s – hopefully this will supply you with inspiration for awhile!

I’m extending the celebration throughout the month by offering 25% on all my online classes! If you’ve been thinking about taking one, registering now using the code “1000posts”, and since they are self-paced with access that never expires, you can take your time and do the exercises when you want!


Happy Monday All!

3 Responses

  1. Woohoo!!! Can’t believe I won! Doing the Happy dance. Yea I can’t wait to make him a stocking with those colors. Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors. I called it yellow because that was the colors he said when I asked him what color stocking he liked best. I will tell him the correct name when he sees the fabric in person. This is totally awesome! Thank you Candy!!!