Snapshots from the Studio | Lots and Lots of Dyeing!

This, my friends:


is a lot of dyeing fabric, clothes, and velvet scarves.

I mixed up a lot of my Autumn Splendor colors so I could dye some yardage, as well as some scarves and some shirts and a couple pairs of pants. But somehow I mixed up waaaay too much dye, so I had to keep running back into the house for more things to dye, as it got hotter and hotter, GAH! Anyway, I made it through and there shall be lots of color!

And for a non-sequiter, Logan got new glasses the other day. He really strongly wanted these “geek” glasses, I was very hesitant, but all the folks at the eye doctors were excited about them, so what do I know??

New glasses for Logan... apparently geek glasses are in fashion and Logan likes them. Mom, not so much...sigh. ..

And here he is with his art teacher, Skip…who I believe inspired Logan’s love of what I am told are “hipster” glasses!

Logan and his art teacher. Hmmmm, I wonder where his love for geek glasses comes from?  ;-)


3 Responses

  1. He looks great! Especially in the next to last photo, and very grown-up. Hard to let go, isn’t it? I find it’s hard to let go entirely, even when the kid is 45!

  2. Love the dyeing and cannot wAit to see the results!
    And Mr Logan…quite the cutie! I see he is developing his own style…he’s adorable in those hipster glasses