Our Kitchen Reno | Tiling Tweaks and Toekicks Too!

Yesterday was a long day! Today was spent doing mostly fussy things that had to be done:

Removing the spacers on the big wall,



replacing a couple of tiles that had fallen off, pulling a couple off that had been cut wrong and recutting them,


finishing the tiled corner on the right side of the window:


to match the left side. (Please tell me this looks cool, we went back and forth and back and forth on this…)


We also had to extend the switches and plugs forward so that they’ll be in the right place once the switchplates are screwed on. (I managed to blow one of those up…don’t ask!)

Then we had to clean all the little bits of thinset that was on the front of the tiles. Then I sealed the tile (with Miracle 511)…putting a layer of this sealer on before grouting is supposed to make cleaning grout haze easier, fingers crossed this helps!

Then, hubby installed the toekicks too:





And finally, after dinner, we installed the drawers on the baking wall and I added another coat of finish to the counters. The drawers still need final adjusting and handles, but wowza, is it exciting to see them in place!











4 Responses

  1. Holy freakin’ cow, Candy! Your vision is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks fantastic!! When I was putting on the door handles, I thought the best way would be to use a template. I realized I had a 6″x24″ quilting ruler with one end broken off. I taped it to the corner of the cabinet, marked the spot where the handles went, drilled them out, and easy drilling for all the handles! Hubby still owes me a ruler for that!!

  3. Wow that looks great! I love those tiles so much, especially with the wood countertops and those white cabinets. Yummy! 🙂