Our Kitchen Reno | Final Demo Day!

It’s official, the demo phase is complete!


All the cabinets are gone, and Habitat for Humanity comes tomorrow for all the useful bits! Andrew’s also finished all the electrical work as well, with outlets moved, switched power for under cabinet lights, and random poor electrical work done previously fixed as well.

I spent a wretched half hour sanding spackle off the ceiling, yuck! Here’s hoping the orange peel texture stuff we sprayed on matches the rest of the ceiling well, because I am done with sanding ceilings whether they need me to or not! 😉

I also got the 6 wall cabinets assembled…6 down, 12 to go!

Poor Stirling was tuckered out by the end of the day. First he did lots of barking and circling, then he got locked out in the backyard for awhile when Andrew was swinging the hammer to demo the last cabinets. THEN, I brought in, dun dun dunnnnnnn, the compressor. I used a compressor driven brad nailer to nail the backs of the cabinets on, and he does NOT like that thing! He slunk off to the garage and would NOT come in. I think Andrew had to bribe him back inside when it was quiet.


But have no fear, he had a good long nap when we went out to dinner and a movie (Pacific Rim – Logan LOVED it, the rest of us, well, lets say we’ve seen the movie before…and it was loud!!!!!), and he was bright eyed, bushy tailed and happy to see us!

Fingers crossed we can get cabinets installed tomorrow!