Our Kitchen Reno | The Family Room is Painted!

The last time I posted about our reno, I talked about my color choices and gave you a preview of the finished family room. Now I can share a bunch more pictures of the room!

I’m so glad we got this part of the project done before we had to host a couple of parties at the house. The cool thing about having planned the kitchen renovation and knowing that it is happening soon really made me enjoy working in the kitchen – everything that annoys me about the kitchen is soon to be gone, so I was able to over look it. And because the other half of the room looks so much nicer, it was nice to sit in the chair


and actually flip through the cookbooks looking for new recipes!











Now, my posts about the reno are just up to date! Demolition started yesterday!!! Woot!

3 Responses

  1. The family room looks FAB, Candi! The paint color choices are spot on, they make your art pop!

  2. Wow that looks great! It’s well-organized and visually exciting and I bet you just love it. 🙂