3 Cute Owls for 2 Cute Little Girls

I had a commission to make a set of 3 stuffed owls in yellow and grey for the bathroom of 2 of the cutest girls ever. The Mom, who’s a friend of mine, came over with the littlest one (who is all of 3 months old) to pick out the eyes. Baby Adeline was content to stare at my ceiling fan and listen to me whistle while I sewed on the button eyes (which is why these are decoration, not toys!) I got to snap just a few pix before they headed out, and I did that, but I have no idea why I didn’t snap a picture of Adeline…well, perhaps because she was getting a bit fussy. But still, I’m so sorry I didn’t.

Anyway, here are their owls anyway!




One Response

  1. These little owls are too cute. Are you able to share the pattern? I have a sudden owl obsession! L