Studio Snapshots | Building a Sampler Book for Free Motion Quilting Motifs

I’ve been having a great time teaching free motion quilting at the Redlands Sewing Center! I’m teaching several classes for them, each class is 3 sessions a week apart. I just taught the 2nd session of the first class last night, and we’re having a blast! If you’re interested in taking one of the upcoming classes, dates and times are here on my upcoming events page. I do believe they are also investigating an afternoon class on Tuesdays in July, since the classes are filling so quickly and folks have asked about an afternoon session, call them directly for more info: 909.792.3994

I’ve been making a sampler book of free motion quilting motifs for myself, so that I can quickly find an example I’m looking for, and it’s also part of the class – learning how to make these pages for your own reference. When I’m hard at work it’s nice to share quick little snapshots of what I’m making on Instagram…there’s nothing like a little instant feedback to cheer you on in the midst of a big project! I thought I’d share these here too, it’s so great to see something I’ve been planning for so long come together like I’d hoped!









10 Responses

  1. Love your quilting book! I like how you’ve made it too, appears like stitching your pages on a larger piece before cutting them apart?

  2. This little book has become my quilting reference bible. It is so much better to know you can quilt a pattern than by just looking at it in a book. And I keep adding new patterns.

    1. I’m so glad you find it useful!!!! And I am stoked you’re adding new patterns – you’re an awesome student!!!