Meetup | June Goals

June! The boys only have one more week of school and then it’s vacation! My May without teaching didn’t turn out as I’d hoped…I got pulled back into school a bunch of times, and with all the end of school concerts and activities, I didn’t actually get as much done as I was hoping.

May Goals

Quilt Scene Submissions May 6   100%
Modern Patchwork Submissions May 13   100%
Teaser page for online classes June 1   0%
Start work on mystery proposal June 1   0%
Dyeing 100 – get it done! June 1   60%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room June 1   95%
Samples for Free Motion Quilting Class June 1   50%
Quilts for FMQ class June 1   50%
Start work on Dyeing 103 June 1   0%
Get guide on MFB site for Shaun May 15   100%

However, I still got plenty of done! I had a good 2-day show last weekend, and I was really excited to create these hanging organizers:


make some more pillow for the living room:


and finish the quilt I showed in process the other day too! Now, literally 45 days from now our kitchen cabinets get delivered, so I’ve got to FOCUS on a couple of really important things:

  1. My first free motion machine quilting class
  2. Dyeing 100
  3. Dyeing 103

because I’ve promised my hubby that not only would I really help in the kitchen install, but I’m also responsible for painting the family room ahead of time! I’ve had that “mystery proposal” on my list for months, and I’ve not gotten to it. I am not sure now when I’m going to focus on it, but I’m going to keep it on the list to keep me thinking about it!.

June Goals

Samples for Free Motion Quilting Class June 3   50%
Quilts for FMQ class June 10   50%
Teaser page for online classes June 10   0%
Dyeing 100 – get it done! June 10   60%
Launch Dyeing 103 June 30   0%
Start work on mystery proposal ???   0%

I’m going to wait to launch Dyeing 100 until it’s completely done, because it’s such a short class that it makes sense to have it complete so folks can quickly progress through it if they like. Dyeing 103 I’ll design as I did 101 & 102: start registering students after the first couple of sessions are online and build the class while the first students are working through it. So yes, it is indeed possible to launch 2 online classes in the same months! 🙂

5 Responses

    1. I could put up a commission page eventually, but would be happy to work with you to make a set just for you whenever you want!!!! 🙂

  1. I’m with Cyn, I love the hanging organizer! And your new quilt is gorgeous, I loved the photos on instagram. Congrats on your show and all you did get done and good luck in June! 🙂

    ps. don’t forget to post your link on my blog so others can find you!