You SEW, Girl! | Nicole Mallalieu’s most excellent book

I am indeed a lucky duck! I was most fortunate to win a copy of¬†Nicole Mallalieu’s most excellent book “You Sew, Girl! Your ultimate guide to sewing with confidence and style“.

you sew girl

I’ve followed Nikki’s blog for years: she is a pattern designer, teacher and sewist extraordinaire and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her book was a true labor of love, and it totally shows! Much more than a book of patterns, she uses exquisite photos and diagrams to teach all sorts of professional tips to make your sewing better! Like how to reinforce buttons:


After you’ve read about all the techniques, she then has a LOT of patterns that use them, so you can put theory into practice! Each section starts with an easy project, and they get progressively more detailed, using more skills – this sequential method is a great way to encourage you to successfully integrate the new techniques!

She’s got a section on accessories, including this adorable petals baby hat:


Another section is full of bags and purses, including this beautiful “City Shopper” bag:


Her last section covers pattern free clothing, which makes me most excited, because most patterns don’t come in my size, how awesome if I could make a wrap skirt like this for myself!


I am so happy to have won this book, and shall certainly be putting some new techniques to use in my own bag construction! If you’d like a copy of your own, it’s available for purchase from the Book Depository, which has this awesome “Free Worldwide Delivery” policy I’ve used myself a couple of times to purchase books by non-US authors, I’m always surprised at how fast the books arrive!

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  1. I have the book (I won it a couple of years ago) so I will be very interested to see what you do with it (so far, I’ve done nothing!)