One Moment | My Boy is GROWING!

My oldest son Liam is 15 and 3/4’s, and we had a a couple of big milestones this week. First, he spent the weekend at a retreat for his youth orchestra, this select group he’s been in for 3 years now. What was great was that this year, he has a couple of good friends in the group this year. He really has a hard time truly connecting with kids his age, so it’s awesome that he’s got some buds who enjoy music as much as he does. Here they are in front of the cabin they slept in over the weekend:


Another milestone he had today: he had his first official driving lesson which activated his driver’s permit.


To get the permit they have to pass the written test, then with the permit they have 6 months to have 6 hours of driving instruction with a driving teacher (he did his first 45 min of this today) and then 50 hours of driving with a 25 or old CA licensed driver, 10 of them at night. After the 6 months they can take the driving test and then for the first year, their driving license has the following restrictions: they can’t transport passengers under 20 years of age at any time, or drive between 11 pm and 5 am.

Aiyiyi, where does the time go???

3 Responses

  1. Well done Liam!
    My son, who is also called Liam, is 13 months old and I just cannot get over how fast the time goes by! So it is still like that when they are in their teens, eh?

  2. And it only speeds up! Mine are 20 and 21 now – but I still remember the driving lessons! Good luck! 🙂