Christmas in March!

Christmas in March, you say? Well, I’ve been meaning to make new Christmas stockings for a couple of years now, and I’ve never been able to get to them…until now (at least one)! Submissions for Quilting Arts Gifts are due next week, which gave me the impetus to actually draft the pattern and make one of these Elf/Jester Christmas stockings:



I’ve had these curly toes in my mind for a long time now, I’m so excited at how they turned out (there’s polyfill stuffing in the toes to keep them pointing):


I made a stocking with these jester points years and years ago, and I stitched bells from the points. I found some lovely felted wool balls on Etsy, from a shop called “TaDaa Felt“, they came in all kinds of colors, and I was able to find some colors that match my jewel tone palette. I think they look fabulous stitched on the points:


When I brought this stocking downstairs to show my family, they all really liked it. The boys don’t often comment on the things that I make, so when they do, I know I’ve got a winner! I am so excited to have finally executed another thing that’s been floating around in my brain! I surely hope the folks at Interweave like it, but either way, this plus 3 more will be hanging on our mantel next December!


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