Commission | A Set of Itajime Pillows

Last Summer, while working on my Dyeing 102 class, I took some pictures of some Itajime dyed fabric hanging on a clothesline in my backyard:



I shared them on Facebook, and my step-sister fell in love with them. She’d just purchased a grey couch and was wanting some pops of color on it. She chose 3 of her favorites, 2 colored, one with grey, and I dyed a second grey piece to compliment the patterns. She liked the grey equilateral triangle fold, the rectangularly folded green, the right triangle folded multicolor piece, so I folded the fabric into squares (the bottom right one).


Because these fabrics weren’t actually dyed to any specific size, it was quite nerve wracking to actually cut squares for 16″ and 18″ pillow forms. But I think I did ok!






I think pillows are a perfect way to focus on the fabric:


I put colorful flaps to cover the zippers on the back, so that Pam has a completely different option for pillows on her couch:


And of course, she can mix and match them!



She loves her pillows, and sent me a pic of them in their new home, complete with 2 of the 3 folks who will enjoy them:

pam and max

5 Responses

  1. Those pillows are stunning! The greys are wonderful and the multi-color pattern is really cool! Lucky Sis!