Christmas Presents: Zip Bags for the All!

Well, not actually everybody, but I did make a few! 🙂 I made headbands for 2 of my nieces – when piecing the stripes I made them extra wide, then used the extra bits for an inset stripe. I used some more of the beige linen, and tried out Elizabeth Hartman’s intriguing way of installing zippers (from this pattern), and I just LOVE these!

 I love the way these zips are inserted, the ends are so neat!

I lined the bags with some multicolor hand-dyed fabric, I think they look quite nice:

I made another one for my step-sister from scraps of the pillows I made for her (pix of those coming tomorrow). I’m quite in a wonky log cabin mood right now, I think there are more log cabins in the near future.

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