Check in on Candy Claus’s Workshop

Between watching the news about the horrors of Sandy Hook Elementary School, reading FB post after FB post of people shocked and saddened and angered by the events, I’ve lost some Christmas spirit. At some point yesterday I walked away from the computer and got some dyeing done and finished grading my last set of final exams. And I’m going to keep on working in my Christmas workshop, because the last thing we need is to let horrible people take away our ability to celebrate joy. (But oh, those parents, oh my GOD, so sad…….)


Let’s take a look and see what I’ve still got to accomplish:

December Goals

2 more sets of Row Houses for Open Studio December 8  100%
Decorate House for Open Studio December 8  100%
Publicity for Open Studio December 8  100%
2 Custom tie headbands December 10   0%
Mail Giveaway fabric to winner December 15   100%
Itajime Pillows December 20   0%
Custom Messenger Bag December 20   0%
Xmas present: Headbands for nieces December 21   0%
Xmas present: Karyssa laptop sleeve December 21   0%
Xmas present: Tie dye for Max, Bryce, Erin & Adam December 21   75%
Xmas present: Xmas present: Mema’s pillows December 21   0%
Xmas present: Owls for Teigan December 21   0%
Work on new Botanical Sketch motifs December 31   0%
Work on Adele’s new site December 31  10%
Bag for Mary – finally started! December 31  10%
Work on Kori’s Site December 31  100%
Get some hand dyed fabric for sale/convertible totes/headbands on the website! December 31  75%
More convertible totes December 31  0%
Start working on new dyeing class December 31  0%
New slipcovers, curtains, pillows in the Living Room December 31  90%

Now that my grading is done, I do believe I can get all those gifts, plus the 2 custom headbands, done in time to get them in the mail by Thursday.

 (Remembering the light of love at homes everywhere)

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