Blog Friends | A Well Traveled Baby Quilt

I love the internet! I’ve met so many awesome people through blogging, and I wanted to share an example of this with you!

A couple of years ago, a few quilty friends I met through blogging and stay connected to through Facebook decided to get together and make a baby quilt for a mutual blogging friend, AmyLouWho. I dyed the fabric and sent it on to the next person to start piecing, who sent in on…you get the drift! You can read about that adventure here.

Fast forward a bit to early 2012…another of the ladies, Natalia Bonner, in this awesome group is pregnant! Should we do another round robin quilt for her? You betcha! 🙂

I took more than a few months for us to all work our parts into our busy schedules, we were able to “get ‘er done” and little Brayden has another quilt to play on and lie under!

I again started off the project by hand dyeing some fabric. Because we knew Natalia was having a boy, I decided upon a bright rainbow of colors for the front, with a multicolor explosion for the back!

To see what these talented ladies did with this fabric, follow the links below:

  1. Amy Ellis
  2. Amy Webb
  3. Rita
  4. Vicki
  5. Natalia

I think we did a fabulous job, and Natalia was very excited, hooray! I am so lucky to have met such wonderful folks through the computer!

3 Responses

  1. the colors are so rich and saturated! I love the way the whole thing came together! Thanks for being awesome! It was totally fun being on this side of it this time.

  2. It’s a lovely quilt made from some gorgeous fabrics.

    I think I’d like to participate in a round robin quilting project one day. I joined in a knitting one but it never made it back to its starting point — the organizer seemed to have run out of steam!