A Few Commissions for Hand Dyed Clothes

I finally got some time to make some progress on my list, four different women asked me to custom dye some rayon skirts for them at my show in early October (Yikes! Actually, I told them it would be mid-November before I could get to it, so all is well!) One wanted a Lunar Eclipse wrap skirt:

2 different women wanted Moonlit Moth…one with lilac at the top:

and the other with lilac at the bottom!

And finally, someone else wanted a Wisteria skirt, with a purple shirt to go with it…I love this outfit!   I’m still coordinating pickups, so they haven’t seen these in person yet…I hope they like them!

(The color isn’t as true in this last picture, but I love the pomegranate tree in the background, so I had to include it!)

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