Show Report | Red Dirt Art Festival Fall 2012

While the rest of the country is either dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy or real Fall weather, Saturday was a bright sunny day, with temps up into the 80’s. Hubby and I had some awesome help in the morning from Logan, (the promise of breakfast out was a big motivator!), so the booth was put up in record time! (Although note to self – sticking up all those signs takes a LOT of time!) I was able to get some pix before the show started at 10, but they are pretty bright. I’ve done shows in this park many times, and love this particular spot I set up in because later in the day we have lots of lovely shade, which is really helpful on hot days. But this time of year, that sun has quite an angle in the morning, shining right in my eyes while I’m trying to hang up scarves!

The sun did make for some beautiful backlighting of my Giverny Flowers quilt:

The neatest thing about my booth is the new way I display my mod house ornaments, I love having them suspended overhead!


Although the show started slowly, it picked up enough pace that I didn’t have time to take more pix of the folks around me, but I think sales were good for everybody, hooray! It is so funny how each show is different, I never know what’s going to be the “big ticket sale”, or if I’m going to have one or not! This show it was a Dad buying 2 capes for his 2 daughters!

I’m happy that sales at this show were just a little less than last years event. Couple that with the increase over last year I had at Art for Heaven’s Sake, my Fall shows are holding steady. And I can say without a doubt that I have been less stressed during the run up to each of these shows, and that most definitely adds to the bottom line! So now, I’m going to do some home decorating, and look forward to my open studio in December!

2 Responses

  1. Your booth always looks so lovely, so bright and inviting. I’m glad it went well for you and I’m especially glad that you were less stressed about it all! Thank you Andrew and Logan for all your wonderful help to make this a success!