IQF Quilt Scene Giveaway!

I was so busy getting ready for my show a couple weeks ago that another magazine that I’ve got a pattern in came for me in the mail and I had to let it sit there for awhile! “International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene” is a magazine put out by the Folks at IQF and Quilt Festival and coincides with fall Quilt Festival each year. This year my reversible headband pattern is included:

I sent them 5 different headbands for photography, they chose to feature one of my favorites – one made with my Giverny snow dye fabric!

I’ve got an extra copy to give away to one lucky blog reader! I’ll also give the winner 2 fat quarters of my Giverny snow dyed fabric plus a lot of scraps so you can make a headband similar to the one in the magazine! Woohoo!

I’ll choose a winner in a week, (November 1st) and announce it next Friday. There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post – let me know if would you make this headband for yourself? OR as a gift for someone else? (Note, you are also more than welcome to add the fabric to your stash or perhaps use it in one of the other many awesome projects in this magazine!) Make sure to enter your email in the commenting form (it doesn’t appear to blog readers, only me!) so I can contact you if you win.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter (the subscription form is in the upper right corner of my sidebar) and leave a 2nd comment (if you are already a subscriber, hooray, leave me a comment to let me know!)
Good Luck!

157 Responses

  1. Beautiful fabric… I would make your cool headband for my curly haired, redheaded little girl! [who just happens to be 31 :)]

  2. Hi! I would make this for my daughter who loves to wear headbands. Thanks for the chance to win both the fabric and magazine. It all looks wonderful! Pam

  3. Already subscribe to your newsletter and blog posts. I’d make several headbands for me, match outfits lol, also some for my daughter-in-law who is almost done with hair dresser school, and other friends with longer hair, and my great nieces. The list is growing!
    Love these since you first posted them last summer.
    I’m tired of plain ol’ elastic purchased ones.

  4. oh, Candy!! the headband as well!! LOL! this old lady has several female family members who would absolutely be over the moon for one!! that includes my gorgeous grand-daughters and the one who is due in may(mothers day)!! i adore your work, you are an inspiration to me…thank you!

  5. Love your headband I’m gonna be selfish and make this one for myself if I am the lucky winner.Thanks Becky

  6. Would love to make this headband for my granddaughters…one is especailly fond of batiks…thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I would make a headband for myself, my daughter, and my granddaughter. I think all your fabrics are totally yummy!

  8. What a great giveaway! I hope I win. I’d probably make one for my youngest daughter AND one for my only granddaughter!

  9. My sister wears headbands everyday, so I would make it for her. I would love to win this package! Your snow dyed fabrics are so much brighter than mine. I guess I’ll need to add more dye. Thanks! Judy

  10. I love your blog, and joining so I can follow you. And I’d love to win this give away. I’d be making this headband for my twin granddaughters. Happy Sewing !

  11. Candy, I would love to win this pattern. I would make the headbands for myself first, I very recently decided to grow out my bangs and they are at just the wrong length right now. Then I would make some for my sister and her daughter and granddaughter. I could use the hand dyed fabrics that I am playing with from your 101 controlling color class.

  12. I love the headband, but would probably put that lovely fabric in a spot where I can admire it.

  13. I’d make the headband for myself or maybe if she’s lucky, for my daughter. But I’m especially taken with your Giverny quilt -what a great idea and with your lovely fabrics. My one and only trip to Europe required for me a stop at Monet’s home and I loved the gardens. They were beautiful even at the end of October.

  14. I’d totally make it for me (but I’d make a second one for my friend Anne, who rocks headbands better than anyone I know!)! I just love this idea…I’m saving batting scraps to make some…and if I don’t win, perhaps I’ll use some of my precious hand-dyed fabric from a class I took almost a decade ago now…suppose it is time to use it!

  15. would make headbands for my daughters and 2 grand-daughters thanks
    yet maybe would end up keeping one for myself

  16. I would make it for one of my grand daughters…she loves head bands and barretts. But I love your quilt pictured there and would be very interested in working with dyed colors and batiks. I am a tailored kind of person but am trying to branch out into more “non structured” styles and fabrics!

  17. My granddaughter who is 11 this year is learning to sew while she is with me each summer. I think this would be a wonderful project for us to work on together. She learned to run the sewing machine last summer and is still talking about it.

  18. I would make this headband as a gift for a coworker who loves headbands. Then use other bright colors and patterns to make them to coordinate with outfits for my nieces.

  19. I will probably make the first headband for myself, but then I will make more (smaller versions) for my two nieces!

  20. It would be for me! Something I can make just for me. I have a hard plastic headband in at the moment and would love to have something soft instead.
    Beautiful pattern.

  21. I would probably add some to my stash but might try making a headband for my daughter. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  22. Would love to make this for my daughter and/or myself. I know she would love it. At 17, this is her style!

  23. Congrats on making it in the magazine! I love the headband idea, I would probably make a headband as a gift. It would be something that my daughter would love to wear!

  24. With four granddaughters under the age of 7 yrs. old, I could definitely put a reversible headband pattern to good use! Of course, I would have to buy more fabric. You cannot make just one, they each have to have their own!

  25. My niece in Colorado would love me to make her that headband. It would be so sweet if I could win the giveaway and send it to her.

  26. This is a great idea! My daughter is a dog groomer. I think I’ll make her a headband using a dog print fabric or I could applique some of her favorite dog shapes.

  27. I would make it for a grandaughter. But, we live in Canada, and I doubt if you would ship things there. But, I thought it was worth a try, anyway.

  28. I would make the head band to give away, as I wear my hair really short. I would keep the magazine for new ideas, as I am new to quilting. The fabric would be awsome for me to make a project out of the magazine with. Thank You for the offer.

  29. I would make the headband for my daughter – she loves to wear them and looks really great when she does!!

  30. I just signed up for your newsletter – I love dyeing on wool and have not yet explored fabrics. Maybe this will inspire me to do so (and yes, I know that they are completely different processes with different dyes, etc. which is why I haven’t yet ventured into fabric)!!

  31. Would love to have the magazine and the fabrics! Would definitely make a headband for myself. Could actually use it now with all the wind here in North Central PA from hurricane Sandy!

  32. Both, who can’t use a new headband to hold their hair back while doing your nightly cleanse or keep your hair out of your eyes when doing housework…or just for fun!

  33. Thanks, I spend the summer cruising in a 1929 Ford Roadster. Your headband will help tame my blowing hair.

  34. I might make the headband for my sister or a friend. I definitely would love the cloth for my stash. Subscribing to your newsletter right now.

  35. I would so make a headband! My hair is long [below my waist] and I am always on the look out for fun creative headbands. Yours is wonderful and the fabrics…Awesome!

  36. I haven’t seen these magazine in the stores….that headband would be great for my girls! Thanks for the post!

  37. Love the headband! I would make it for my daughter who has shoulder length curly curly hair!

  38. I would make the headband for my granddaughter. Those magazines are nice for those of us who can’t make it to these wonderful quilt shows

  39. I’m getting ready to make some gifts for seniors in a nursing home. I was thinking of making some bookmarks and that fabric would be very nice for that.

  40. I love this beautiful fabric…I’d make a headband for one of my Grand-daughters. Also, that’s one of my favorite magazines…if I don’t win, I’ll have to look for it at the bookstore.

  41. I browsed through some of your tuts and I’m looking forward to receiving your newsletter.

  42. I would be honored to make one of these for each of my granddaughters. I will try to “stress not” over it, though. Greetings from Ohio to lady who was one of my first quilting mentors.

  43. Thought I already posted, but don’t see it. I would love to win the fabric. Beautiful and just my style. I do need a headband in the garden. Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. I would make one for my daughter and another for my 6-year-old niece. Love the fabric.

  45. I would probably have to make 5 or 6 for my Grandaughters who have long hair and my daughter and daughter-in-law. I would have to wait until I get their’s done and then make me a few.

  46. Love the head band, love to fabrics. I would make them for my grand daughters and my mom. They would all look pretty together.

  47. I would love to make these as gifts for my grandgirls. I would give them a theme for the holidays. Thanks for the tease.

  48. I love the headband and fabrics. I would make it for my daughters, grandaughter, grandson’s girlfriend and also myself and my friends also. It is awesome!

  49. I would make the headband for my granddaughter. Purple is her favorite color. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. I would make the headband for myself. And I love that you said woohoo! I haven’t seen anyone but me using that exclamation!!

  51. I would love to make these headbands with my two Grandgirls – ages 10 and 13. They would just love them!!!!! We’ve been excluded from meeting them for the last 9 years – We now finally get to share time with them and to have them visit. I’d like to teach them how to make these headbands while they are visiting us in early July 2013. This would be wonderful!

    I already subscribe to your newsletter – don’t know how to leave an extra comment. Love your classes!

    Nancy Burkhalter,

  52. I would make a headband for my daughter who is currently growing her long hair back after donating 15.5 inches for wigs for cancer patients. And I am a newsletter subscriber.

  53. I would make this headband for my daughter who is trying to grow out her bangs. Love the totes you have made for your shows and good luck with your upcoming show!

  54. I’d love a magazine – and I think I’d make headbands for my grandaughters! I do get your newsletter. I just wish I lived closer so I could come to your Open house!

  55. WOW what possiblities …headbands, necklaces… shoulderstraps…. even in a larger size a belt…… I’m exited

  56. Candy, too exciting, congrats on your 2nd magazine publication! How fun if I were to win this giveaway and have some of your luscious fabric;would make headbands for my granddaughters, they would look sweet and adorable.

  57. I would make the headbands for my nieces who both have long gorgeous hair! And I am a subscriber to your newsletter.

  58. I don’t have nearly enough hair to hold a headband in place, but I know folks who do! Seriously, it’s a great project.

  59. I could definitely use some to tame my natural curl. Especially, as I live in the windy rainy NW, unlike those in warmer climates. We have to love every season, even the “bad hair day” ones. 🙂

  60. Hi Candy!

    I’m a subscriber and one of your students, and I would make a headband for myself, and maybe one for my niece! I would also love to own the Magazine!

    Love your fabrics and creations!

  61. I already subscribe to your newsletter. I would add the fabric to my stash for a special project; I have short hair.

  62. My official answer is that I would use it in a current project such as the quilt I started this summer. But really, I would marvel that I had a piece of my favorite teacher’s work.

  63. I would do both, make one for myself & make some as gifts. They are wonderful, you are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more ideas.

  64. I already subscribe to your newsletter. Because I have short hair I would like to make one for my best girl friend.

  65. My mother asked me about making a headband for her yesterday! Wonderful timing – if win can make her one for Christmas surprise. If there is enough fabric, then will make one for me too (my hair is waistlength and I’m sans headband).
    Congratulations on being published!

  66. Yes, I love your work and I just want to say how lucky I was to find your blog and also how happy I am now to be the owner of one of your beautiful tote bags. And of course the magazine would top it off due to the fact that living across the ocean we may or may not get some favorite magazines. Headband is so cute! Good luck to all.

  67. I am sure I couldn’t stop at just one, but the first one would be for me. Then I would sit there looking all cute in my new headband and my hair out of my eyes and make some for friends and family who wear headbands! Love all your fabrics and projects!

  68. I would put the fabric in my stash to make something else. I’m sure the magazine will have some great ideas!

  69. I have been haunting my bookstore in hopes that the magazine has arrived. Not yet! They tell me it is on its way. Lovely headband and the fabric is delicious!

  70. I would make the headband for my granddaughterm a freshman at the University of S. Florida. She has nice, long hair and it would look great on her. Congratulations on your published designs!

  71. I would make a beautiful headband for one of the women at Safeplace. Safeplace in Austin, TX, is for women and their children who need a safe, happy place for them to go to be safe from abusive partners. They have workshops, volunteer jobs, and a school for the children!

  72. I would make 10,11,12……. Some for me and of course I would share with granddaughters. Love these.

  73. WOW I have been so far behind that I didn’t know about this congrats love your headband. Wishing I had time to dye.