Show Prep | 12 Reversible Headbands DONE!

I had a few headbands that I made for my Quilt Scene article, but I wanted to have a few more. My hubby  thinks that these will do well, so I bit the bullet and decided to make 6 each of 2 widths. I had some fun taking some pix while making them:

Making 6 of each didn’t sound like much, but all of a sudden, with the original 5, I’ve got 17! Hooray!

When quilting all of these, I came up with a couple of new quilting patterns, based off the patterning in the hand dyed fabric, that I’m really happy with:

I’m going to have a hard time putting these 2 up for sale this weekend! I’m getting excited that I’ve got lots of things made on my list! 🙂

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